Interview with MEJones1224

Every writer has a remarkable story to tell about their writing journey. It’s a path very unique for anyone.

So I decided to interview my Wattpad friend and writer, Mary about her personal writing journey and how she felt about it.

Without further ado, here’s the interview:

Q: How did you begin writing? And when did the journey begin?

Okay, well I started writing back when I was in middle school. One of my friends was taking a Creative Writing class and she came to me and told me she was going to write a story and she wanted my help. I had no idea how to write or where I would begin or how good I would be at it or anything but I told her I would help because it sounded fun.
I was reading Twilight at that time and I was so amazed at how someone could just make up this whole other world like that and that’s when I realized that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make my own world and that’s where it started.
Me and my friend wrote a story about a group of teenagers, all with super powers who got together to “save the world”.

Q: How do you exactly write a story with someone? I’ve never tried it before. Do you take turns on alternating chapters? Or you just sum up your ideas?
And I loved walking into this new world whenever I read a book, but since you started writing, how did it feel to actually be creating one?

I guess writing a story with someone could work any kind of way. For me and my friend, we come up with an idea together and then one of us starts it off. Usually it’s whoever came up with the main idea.
But then we just alternate chapters like she’ll write the first, then I’ll write the next, so on and so on.
Whenever someone has writer’s block the other writes that chapter if necessary. We always go back and forth with ideas and try to agree on as much as possible. We try to figure out the plot before we write so that we’ll be able to stay on track.

And how does it feel to “create a new world”? Hmm… it amazes me actually. Like I’ll go back and read the story and I can’t believe that my imagination is that big and creative. While writing a story it takes alot of preparation and plotting on my part to keep up with this world I’ve created and sometimes I get so caught up in the story and the characters that I have to take a step back and remind myself that I’m writing a story, lol!

Q: That’s cool.

What are your inspirations? Movies? Comics? Books? Other authors?
And how does it feel to share your writing with other people? Do you have a solid writing dream?

Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, and my family inspired me at first. Now I have my friends and “fans” and wattpad that inspire me to keep writing even though it gets hard and stressful sometimes.
I’ve recently watched the movie The Words with Bradley Cooper and that has also inspired me to keep writing. I love sharing my writing with other people! I write for myself mainly and to just get my words, my story out there, but when other people do read my stories and like them or give me feedback, I can’t even explain how happy that makes me. I feel so proud of myself and what I’ve created. It’s like when parents have kids and they know their kids are awesome but when other people tell them, they’re just so proud!
I don’t really have a solid writing dream. I’m just going with my passion, ending up wherever my dream takes me.

Q: That’s sweet.

Tell us more about your story with teens with superpowers. What is it about? Did you enjoy writing it?

Okay, well the story was called One Chance. The story started off with twin girls, Ember and Ever who discovered they had superpowers. Ember had the power to control light and Ever had the power to control time. Their mom is kidnapped and they team up with 5 or 6 other teens to get their mom back and stop the kidnapper from taking other people and ruling the world.

I did enjoy writing that story. It brought me and my friend, Heather, closer and it was the start of my love for writing. It was amateur and childish, but it was my story and I will never forget it. lol!

Q: Cute.

Did writing ever tell you something about yourself you never knew before?

Kind of, when I was younger I used to complain about how I couldn’t really do anything. My brother and cousins were good with sports and my brother was also quite amazing at playing instruments and dancing and singing. When my sister was born she became the dancer and artist of the family and all I could do was read and make good grades in school. Well, it turned out that my little sister was better at getting good grades than me and I was forgotten about.
Writing taught me that there is more to me than just reading and being there. It taught me that I had a wild imagination and I had a different way of explaining and describing things. It taught me that I had a way with words and my words could make people laugh or cry. It taught me that just because I didn’t do what my siblings or cousins did, I was just as talented as them, just in another way.

You can check out Mary’s stories on Wattpad like You’re My Guardian Angel. She uses the username MEJones1224

You’re my Guardian angel


Dillon Smith starts off as just a regular guy. But one little mistake causes a tragedy that changes his life completely. Now he has to try to grasp the reality of the tragedy and try his best to start a new life.


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