Truth in Dreams

A short film for those who want to dream


From the beginning we are taught life is hard and people including our families kill our dreams because they fear they don’t stand a chance in the real world.

That’s not true!

People prefer the unnexciting comfortable and well worn path to making a living, one taken by many other people so they know it’s safe.

But how do you become a legend when you’re walking in someone else’s legacy?

How can you leave your footprints when you’re walking in others’s shoes?

In this short film I hope you will find again the courage to trust your heart and follow your dreams. It already knows what you really want.

You don’t completely know the how of things. But keep trusting that things will move into place for you.
They will.

Click here to watch the film

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Truth in Dreams
© douglas r writer

Who is Douglas R?
I am a young writer, still searching for my niche and audience while bringing you the best tidbits of my creative journey you will enjoy. Stay tuned for more videos, stories and interviews.
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