My Mom’s A Supermodel


My Mom’s A Supermodel (MMAS)!

Ah-hem! This is a series of stories about a family that has emerged from the ghettos and just stepped into the high life as Asher, the eldest of five wins a position in the basketball team Wanderers Scorpions.

They move into a new neighborhood, enroll into a new school, make new friends and of course, a lot of trouble as well.

This is a comedy family drama series for all who love to get a kick out of laughter.

I wrote MMAS in a tough period of my life. It made me laugh and smile through the family problems I had with my parents.
I hope this story will give you the break you deserve and if there is, make you forget even for a while, all your problems and fears.

MMAS will debut on my blog starting Monday 22nd July. The prologue however will be posted tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

And please invite a friend who loves comedy. This so for you!

Last but not least…

I launched my ebook The Perks of being a Writer this Saturday. It is available in various formats and you can download it for free!

Just click here to get my free book.

Or copy and paste this link in your browser:

(If you’ve been with me on the Famousmangoes blog then what you’ll find in the ebook is 90% the same stuff, but you can share with a friend 🙂 )

More about this book

The Perks of being a Writer is your answer to your writing problems, writer’s block, creativity and the drive to follow your dreams! With memoirs, inspiring posts and a few secrets from an orange (no kidding) you’ll have your writing life redefined!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to Download the book now!


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