Oh no oh no oh no!!!
I was supposed to post this prologue before the first episode.

If you receive this email I hope you read the prologue before episode one. Either way there’s no real damage. Just me making a fool of myself.

Oh whatever it’s my blog anyway. No need to hide under the desk.
Sorry, I am really out of it today 🙂

Anyway, without further ado here’s the prologue to MMAS


I never thought our family would make it out of poverty until my brother, Asher made that possible. It’s like this;
Our family lived in a ghetto on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa where me and my siblings attended this government school which wasn’t what you could call a learning environment. Asher is the eldest of us. Leo and Lisa follow as twins (Lisa popped out first) and just a year later sixteen year old Aby was born. But me? I’m adopted. I never knew my real parents. I grew up with these guys and their family became my family. Their mom and dad were my mom and dad.
If there was one thing Asher couldn’t stop it’s basketball! He practiced day and night and he couldn’t stop. Standing at a small court in an alley where a basket was hung on a building’s wall, he used to beam down at me with eyes full of determination and say, “Son, you know I’m gonna make it, right? Practice with me, two heads are better than one!” And that’s what we did together. Practice, practice and more practice. A few sprained ankles and muscle cramps and my broken wrist when I fell from the basket rim but were we good.
And speaking of our heads… we weren’t that good in school. School wasn’t good for us either. It was a mad place at times. To Asher, school was hell! All he wanted to do was drop out of high school. Me? I couldn’t read well at all. But that’s not my fault. I’m a audible learner. I don’t learn a thing when I read a book or a paper article-one paragraph taking me six minutes plus two extra for checking the dictionary-I simply forget everything! What I do is plug in my earphones that my sister Lisa stole for me (yes, she made a magnificent thief) and listen to an encyclopedia and sometimes a novel (on a stolen iPod touch). Reading one would take me a life time so audiobooks were quite a savior for me.
Okay, back to Asher. One good day all his hard work finally paid back. It happened like this:
A burglar broke into our little home in the flats at night and stole our basketball. Asher got out of bed and ran out after the bastard as fast as he could. The guy took a car and drove away. Asher stole a Mercedes and pursued after the imbecile. It was wild! They swerved and skid and raced all over town until my brother decided to crash into the guy. The vehicles burned rubber over the road and smashed a tree out of the ground! Asher finally got his ball back but then the police came and there was trouble again.
They both ended up at the station and my bro was in serious trouble. There were about a dozen charges from speeding to destruction of public property, car theft, vandalism and a lot of infringement stuff I couldn’t understand. The bail was set so high our poor family wasn’t able to pay. But guess who did?
An undercover basketball scout was around town and when he heard about a tall kid who raced around Pretoria, breaking people’s and government property just to have his ball back, he knew this was the kid he was looking for. His team needed a spark of a kind and Asher just might’ve been the answer. So he bailed him out and offered him a deal. A deal became a contract. A few months later after some time in training, my bro stood in the city’s biggest basketball court, wearing the Wanderers Scorpions jersey! We got free seats up front. It was the first me and my siblings got to watch a game like this ‘legally’. And Asher was good!
But Wanderers is a team from Johannesburg and that meant we had to move. Dad and mom were very supportive of Asher, his salary saved us all from starvation! Things really weren’t going well for our family. Lisa was thinking of dropping school too. She went into lots of frustration, got pregnant, had a miscarriage and almost got pregnant again. Aby became blind. Dad was having his salary cut bad and mom was panicking like hell. But in the end, things tied up well and we moved to this new Johannesburg which is a big city-I know you know but I didn’t, I wasn’t good at Geography.
This story is about what happens after we emerged from the ghettos and lounged in a really cool home and went to a better school but… We were still the crazy kids we always were.
It’s just our family comedy story of how things go wrong and right in life and how to laugh at the difference.


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