My Mom’s a Supermodel Episode 3 (Part 1)


In this episode:

Aisha writes a story that is so wrong her mom asks her school teacher to babysit her while she’s away.
The same story that makes her hate a boy she loves. Now isn’t that awkward?


Guess what? I made a list of the six most boring things in my life during a very boring period at school:
•Playing chess with a software or highly intelligent nerd
•Rain at 5pm
• Waiting for a woman to finish dressing
•Listening to Mr. Peter

Mr. Peter’s English lesson is the most boring period of the day. I prefer Maths. He’s such a dictator. That’s why Aisha and I are texting each other instead. Actually, half the class are chatting on their phones.

So u got any plans 2nyt?

I reply:

My mom won’t b home 2nyt so wd u lyk 2 cme over n watch a movie?

I look up at Mr. Peter who’s completely oblivious to the phone I’m holding under my desk. I’m sitting in the third row next to Aisha. Teacher turns back to scribble something on the board and

I reply quickly to Aisha:
Cool. You’ll tel me wat tym l8r I nid 2 copy this

U rily noting dwn ds stuff? Watevr, wl talk l8r.

I reply:
Nice bracelet!

She blushes and whispers ‘thank you’ to me. The bell rings for recess and before teacher can turn around, half the class is already out! He collects his things from the desk and puts them in the drawer. Just as I am about to leave with Aisha he calls.
“Alex and Aisha. Just a minute,” he says. We stop at the doorway and turn around.
“But sir, we’ll be late for lunch and I have to go see someone right now,” says Aisha.
“I won’t take time,” he replies. I’m getting the feeling he’s seen us text each other in his class. What next? Confiscation?
He turns first to Aisha, “Did you carefully examine my comment on your last assignment?”
“Umm… Yes I did.” She nods, pulling on her bag’s belt.
“It’s not okay to write that kind of stuff. Never do that again, it creates a horrible impression.”
Aisha nods quickly, looking a bit embarrassed, “I won’t.”
Okay, if this is about Aisha then why am I hear? He tells her to leave and it’s just me and him. The rest of the class is empty. He gives me a long stare and I’m wondering if he wants another arm-wrestle with me.
“She wrote a story that involved you. Ask her about it, talk to her about it and come back and tell me it’s all okay when it’s okay. Clear?”
I nod, “Crystal.”
“Good, now go eat that junk you pigeons are all running for.”
I leave his class. Phew! I don’t care what that was all about I’m just happy to get going. I meet my family at the school’s glass doors and Asher’s there too. For lunch we head to Bull’s Park, drink a lot and come back in time for the last periods.
I meet Aisha in the hallway and as she hurries by on her way to the Ladies she whispers ‘eight o’clock’ in my ear. I just hope it’s not a horror movie she’s planning. Last time I checked, she had a stack of bloody, gore, horrifying, scary and unbearable to watch horror films at her place.
Ding Dong! I ring the doorbell that night, waiting for Aisha to come round. When I told my family about this movie thing Lisa went wild and made me wear my best jacket, Asher kept patting my back saying he was so proud (he’s simply making fun of me), Leo gave no comment and Aby’s convinced it’s a one night stand! Asher even drove me here in his van. They can make such a big deal of anything that goes on in my life.
I’m still waiting out and I hear some arguing coming from inside. I notice Aisha’s voice rising with her mother’s. What’s wrong now?
“… But mom you can’t do this!”
“… I just did and you better behave yourself when he comes!”
The door suddenly flings open and her mom stumps out and stops to examine me.
“What’s your name?” she says.
Aisha immediately pops behind her mother and she’s waving at me. Her head nods no. I think she doesn’t want her mom to know who I am so I say my name’s Bob.
“Bob? You know Alex? That sick friend of my daughter?”
“Umm… I guess,” I stammer.
“What is he like? Poison? Handsome? Trouble?”
I shrug, “He’s kinda… smiley…”
“He smiles a lot,” I clarify.
She ignores me and stomps away.
“Phew!” Aisha opens the door wider, “Sorry for that. Come in.”
I get in and we sit together at the couch. A large flat screen home theatre stares back at us from the wall. There’s popcorn on the coffee table and a DVD in her hands.
“I wanted to watch a documentary about the most famous ancient methods of execution used by-”
“Seriously?” I snap.
“Kidding. Can’t you take a joke? I prepared Jack and Jill. But one problem.”
“Mr. Peter showed my mom my horrible story and she doesn’t trust me at all. She thinks I need help. She’s called for a babysitter!”
At her age? A babysitter! I feel like screaming!
Did she write a horror story? Her eyes stare sadly at mine. “I’m sorry. I didn’t get the chance to call you and tell you to cancel our movie.”
“It’s okay,” I say.
“I’m pathetic, right?”
“No you’re not. It’s just not your day. Who’s the babysitter?”
“You don’t want to know.”
“Just tell me.”
“Mr. Peter.”
She nods empathetically. “I had the same reaction when my mom told me.”
“We need help!”
I grab my phone and call Lisa who never fails to solve the impossible.
“What up little brother? Having fun?” says Lisa in a charming voice.
“Mr. Peter’s coming to babysit us!”
“I had the same reaction when Aisha told me. We need your help!”
“Does this mean no movie for you guys?”
“Guess so.”
“Thought so to. I wouldn’t like a teacher around when I’m having a romantic time, smooching my lovely-”
She loves to do that!
“Okay, I’ll be right there in ten minutes.”
I hang up.
“So what’s she gonna do?” says Aisha.
“Don’t know but she can come up with anything!”
Ding Dong!
That must be our lousy babysitter. Aisha drags herself to the door and in a moment, Mr. Peter walks in.
“I’m your-”
“We know!” blurts Aisha. “Have a seat.”
There’s no talking. He grabs a newspaper and goes through it, gets bored and turns on the TV but every channel is noisy and blurry.
“What’s wrong? Come fix this Aisha,” he says.
“That’s how it is.”
“Come fix it. I’m missing my favorite series.”
We’re missing a movie! Aisha whispers in my ear that she unplugged the cable and then drags herself off the couch and fumbles at the back of the TV. She’s pretending she doesn’t know what’s wrong. Peter glares at me awkwardly and sends me to get him some water to drink.
I go to the kitchen and suddenly I hear someone whispering my name. It’s Lisa and she’s sticking her head through the window, holding out a tablet. God! Am I glad to see her!
“Here’s the plan, sport. Put this in his drink and he’ll be put to asleep faster than he can grow an erection. And we’re waiting for you guys outside.”
“Cool. Thanks Lisa!”
“Don’t mention it, Ally.” (Sometimes she calls me Ally.)
She disappears from the window and I drop the tablet in a glass of water and stir.
“Hurry up with that!” calls Peter. I give him his water, he takes a first sip and immediately falls back to the couch. The glass drops to the floor and rolls away, letting water spill all over the carpet.
“What just happened?” asks Aisha, staring at Mr. Peter snoring away and holding onto a cushion. I tell her it’s Lisa. We head outside where our van is waiting.
Leo waves for us to get in.
Aisha smiles at me, “You’re family’s so cool.”
I think I’ve heard her say that before. We get in the van. Aby and Asher are there too.
“Where to?” I ask.
“The night club,” says Leo.
“The private night club,” says Aby.
Oh boy! This could get good!
The loudest music is blaring in my ears and I feel insanely crazy right now! We pass through the crowd each of us finds some space to dance and let loose a little-or a lot. The disco goes deep into me. The dangerous streets are my home and dancing is my heart beat. I pull Aisha behind me. She’s so happy we’re free! (Courtesy of Lisa).
The place is as crowded as hell and the song PARTY ALL NIGHT explodes from the speakers. I’m dancing with Aisha and she turns out to be a pretty good dancer. We’re under a huge disco ball that’s flashing colors all around. Her clothes shine with flashes of green, red and yellow as she puts her arms around my shoulders.
“This is so great!” she screams. She has to. We can’t hear each other without screaming.
I shout back, “When was the last time you were at a party?”
“At my aunt’s place in Marshalltown when my dad was sentenced to prison.”
She clarifies, “He was a bad person and we were all happy he went to jail. He cheated on my mother and whatever, long story.”
“It’s okay, I’m used to that life.”
Gee, that sounded pretty bad to me. I guess life knocks the life out of everybody once in a while.
I tell her she’s a great dancer and she smiles back, moving her body closer. I’ve got my hand around her too and we try to do Tango but she’s not so good at it. She almost trips. She falls into my arms, laughing out loud and saying she’s horrible at it. I was too at first but I got the steps of it. I try to teach her but she’s more interested in having fun than learning new moves.
Her arms grab me, she’s acting a bit tipsy but I guess it’s because she hasn’t had this much fun in a long time. She draws closer until I feel her breathing and I can smell her breath too. She stops dancing and gives me a look in the eyes. They look desperate and close as her face draws closer and I realize she wants to kiss me! I lean forward and feel my blood pulsating in my hands. She grabs me tight and then-
“MOM!” Aisha screams. Mom? I turn around and see her mother dancing with some dude. Aisha let’s go of me to confront her mother who’s just as shocked.
“What are you doing here?” says Aisha.
Her mom says the same, “And what are you doing here?”
“You told me you had a meeting!”
“I didn’t lie,” she says, “I came to meet this man.”
“Mom, don’t play dumb with me!” Aisha’s really mad already. Her sweet eyes turn to red hot coal. “You said you’d come home really late for this! For a one night stand!”
“Aisha, it’s not what you think! Besides, he’s a good guy.”
They burst into argument. The people around us stop dancing to see what the commotion is all about. My sisters and brothers come over too.
“And you thought the worst of me!” cries Aisha. There’s a tear going down her right eye. “You’re quite the same!”
“It’s not like that. When your father left I was alone and single. And I have my needs too as a woman.”
“And as a mother? And about me? Don’t I have my needs?”
I really don’t know what to do. I’m out of this. I might just make things worse.
“You’re still young to understand what I’m going through,” says her mom.
“You’re stupid not to see what I go through!”
Her mom’s mouth gaps open in utter shock. She fights back! “You’re so stupid your ex cheated on you with a six year old!”
“You’re so stupid your husband’s in prison and you still don’t know where your g-spot is!”
“You’re so stupid you eavesdrop through a soundproof door!”
“You’re so stupid you stare at the moon every night with sunglasses!”
“You’re so dumb you don’t recognize it’s your mother you’re yelling at!”
“And you’re so dumb to not see how mad you make me!” Aisha’s face explodes into tears and she runs off through the crowd. I follow behind her. Man! What a night this has turned out to be. It’s really not her day!
I follow her out to the exit.
“Aisha!” I call, but she ignores and runs away into the parking lot. I grab her wrist and pull her hand. She quickly turns and says some words I never thought she would say to me.
“I hate you!”
“W-what did I do?” I stammer.
She wipes a tear, “Just let me go. It’s been a horrible day!”
“I HATE YOU!” she yells and pushes me back until I bang a Mercedes. I have no idea of what I’ve done. “And quit following me. I’ll take a bus home. Say goodnight to the others for me.”
If I really love this complicated female I guess I have to let her go. I do just that. Stand aside as she boards the first bus that comes by.
Her mom flies out the club and into the parking lot followed by her boyfriend. “My GIRL!”
My family come out too. They’re all wearing sad faces.
“Come on, Alex,” Asher calls, “Let’s go.”
And it’s one weird drive back home. What a day! 😦


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