My Mom’s a Supermodel Episode 3 (Part 2)


In this episode:

Aisha writes a story that is so wrong her mom asks her school teacher to babysit her while she’s away.
The same story that makes her hate a boy she loves. Now isn’t that awkward?

Again long episode needed to be halved. But here’s the other half so you won’t have to wait till forever to finish the story. Enjoy.

I yawn like a baby elephant as I pull the sheets off. It’s Saturday morning and time to leave my personal sanctuary (bedroom), take a shower and help get breakfast ready. But I don’t feel like doing anything at all.
I go downstairs and find out Leo and Asher already took care of that. I sit and stare at an orange and Lisa can’t help but notice my distress. She knows what’s wrong. Everyone does. Aisha’s been ignoring me the entire week. She avoids me in class and in hallways and doesn’t answer to my messages. It’s like she’s gone on strike!
“Cheer up, I’m sure she’ll turn around some day,” Lisa smiles, giving me her charming look.
“I think she’s out of her mind,” says Aby.
“Well thanks,” I reply to her.
“I was saying that about her, not you. Unless you dig her too.”
“Aby, you’re being mean again,” says Lisa.
“I was just saying the truth. It’s not my fault it hurts,” Aby crosses her arms. “Sorry, I hate to see Alex worry over such a pigeon!”
“Aby!” says Lisa, a bit bossy again.
“I mean she’ll fly back!”
Leo’s having a good laugh and Asher is the only one who’s actually seeing what I feel.
At school I make sure I sit next to Aisha before anyone else does. Why does she have a grudge on me? She seems on better terms with her mom. Why me? Or was it the kiss that never happened? I tear some paper from my notebook and write her a message that I crumble and toss on her desk: WHY ARE YOU TREATING ME LIKE THIS? She doesn’t even mind reading. She tosses it straight to the bin!
She sends me a message on paper too: I HATE YOU!!! And then she excuses herself to the Ladies and doesn’t come back until the bell rings. When she does, she quickly gathers her stuff, borrows Salha’s book to copy the notes she’s missed and leaves as fast as a ghost!
I walk in the hallway, head hung low and sad and stuff. And then someone stops me with her hand. It’s Lisa. I smile.
“Bro, you don’t look too good. Is that pigeon still bothering you?”
I smirk, “The birdie flew away again. What’s she trying to tell me by this?”
Lisa shuts her locker and turns to me. She knows that I know that she’s my biggest help. “Sorry bro. This one is out of my lead. I can solve mysteries and stuff but a complicated-sorry! But with the way Aisha’s behaving, I don’t know what I can tell ya. You tried to ask her friends?”
“They won’t speak to me either.”
“Your friends?”
“Not yet.”
“Ask them about it. They might know something. Maybe it’s something from her troubled past. She’s been traumatized before.”
“Any time, Alex. And you forgot your watch in the washroom.”
I check my wrist and it’s really not on me. “You go to the Mens?”
She shrugs and grins, “Using the opposite sex’s toilet is fun. But don’t you dare do it unless you’re a girl!”
Lisa! She’s still crazy! She hands me my watch and we part ways.
I decide to follow my friends to the school canteen.
“Over here!” the Bear yells to me. It’s his nickname. He’s the biggest guy in school. He waves to me and I come over. He’s sitting with his scottish red-haired girlfriend, Pizza and there’s his little best friend Cheese (all nicknames). Cheese is quite a small guy though but that’s how it is in most cases. A big guy’s best friend turns out to be small or very slim.
Anyway, I sit down and dine with my friends. They call me Al. I don’t even touch my food before I ask them about Aisha.
The Bear chuckles, holding a fat tasty piece of chicken, “Dude, six o’clock. And she’s staring at you!”
What! I turn behind my back and she’s three tables away, glaring back at me! She looks so mad I can’t even recognize if it’s really her. I turn back to Pizza and the Bear.
“What did you do?” says Pizza.
“I don’t know,” I reply.
“You don’t know?” laughs the Bear, “She wrote a story about you and it was really ugly!”
So this is what this is all about! That story Mr. Peter told me about.
“But what did I do?” I wonder what she could have written about me.
“No ones knows that story except for Aisha herself, her mom and Mr. Peter.”
Cheese turns behind for a glance and then says, “Al, you better solve this quick. She’s glaring at you like you’re her lunch!”
I waste no time. I leave the canteen and run to the English class where Mr. Peter is. It’s quiet and he’s marking homework. I knock on the door.
“Come in,” he says.
I desperately appear in front of him. We haven’t had a nice relationship. We got off on the wrong foot but I know I need his help here.
“I came to ask about the story Aisha wrote,” I bite my lip. He sits back and glances at me.
“What story?”
“You once called me after class and told me about it.”
“Oh, that one.”
“Just one problem.”
He shakes his head sadly. What’s going on? “Ever since you poisoned me with your water and gave me a very beautiful sleep, I’ve experienced a bit of memory loss.”
“What! So you can’t remember what she wrote?”
“I don’t know. The doctors said I’ll be okay in three weeks.”
“Three weeks!” I don’t have that much time!
“I don’t know. I could try.”
My breathing rate’s gone up and I’m panicking. This is serious. But he said he could try so I should too.
“The story was horrible.”
He nods his head like he’s denying it. “Don’t remember that.”
“You told her never to write it again.”
“I tell that to many students.”
“I was in the story and I must’ve done something!”
His eyebrows meet and he’s finally thinking. “Yes, yes, yes! You were in that story! Go on!”
He sits straight and waits for more.
“Umm…” I think, “She doesn’t like me anymore. Maybe I did something bad.”
He ponders and shakes his head in disapproval again. “Try harder.”
“Umm…” what next? What more do I know about Aisha. Yes! She loves horror movies! “There was lots of blood in the story!”
Mr. Peter immediately stands up and slams a hand on the pile of books. “Exactly! I remember a whole lot of blood. I think I remember now. At least one concrete theme in her story.”
“I hurt her?”
He moves and stands beside me, a hand brushing his chin as he ponders. He nods yes.
“What did I do?”
His eyes tell me it’s so bad he doesn’t even want to say it.
“What did I do?” I repeat.
He sighs and finally says it, “You raped her!”
At home my family almost faints when I tell them what Mr. Peter told me. I almost fainted too. I didn’t believe at first but I guess it’s the truth and like Aby said, it wasn’t his fault that it punched me so bad. It hurts. I just left the English class, pretending I didn’t hear a thing.
Leo beams at me, “Did you really bang her?”
“NO!” I snap. “Of course not!”
“Like I said, she’s out of her-” Aby doesn’t finish it. Even though she can’t see, she knows Lisa and Asher have their eyes on her. So she makes up something else to say. “I mean she’s had a troubled past.”
“I still don’t know how to fix this puzzle!” I sit in a chair. Boy, is this mind torture!
“Give me the pieces again,” says Lisa, sitting beside me.
I lay it out to her again: she wrote a horror story about me molesting her and violating her virginity, she asked me to watch a movie with her but her mom didn’t trust her, we went to a night club and she met her mom resulting into a huge argument, she hates me and doesn’t want to talk to me again.
Asher smirks, “You’re missing a piece.”
“She has a crush on you!”
“Really?” says Aby, “Guess that explains why she’s… whatever.”
He’s right! She tried to kiss me.
“Now I get it!” says Lisa. “Aisha has a mad crush on you but she can’t admit it. She wrote about you raping her because she wants you to do that.”
“Okay,” I stare at Lisa speechlessly, “… creepy!”
“But the story was so bad Mr. Peter had to talk to her mom about it and that’s why she asked him to babysit Aisha. She couldn’t trust her daughter any more.
“But we escaped with Aisha to a nightclub and accidentally bump into Aisha’s mom. Aisha’s day is ruined and she hates you and blames you for it.”
“But what did I do?”
“You’re the reason for all of this. Can’t you see? If she wasn’t crushing on you she wouldn’t have to write that story and none of that would have happened. She doesn’t hate you. She hates that she loves you!”
Now that makes sense. Hurray to Lisa’s uncommon sense! She should really be a detective or a lawyer.
But still, “What do I do now?”
“Try to talk to her about it,” says Lisa.
“Use my phone,” Asher hands me his phone. I punch in her number and dial. She picks up.
“Hello, who is this?”
“It’s Alex.”
“Oh, you. What do you want?”
“I know about that story and-”
She hangs up before I can even finish! I sigh. What next?
“I have something nice to say,” says Aby, as if she never does. She tells me. I like what she tells me. It really is nice! I just hope it’ll work. I just hope…
Ding Dong! I ring the doorbell at Aisha’s place. Her mom opens up. She looks a lot more at peace.
“Hello,” she greets and smirks, “You’re not really called Bob, are you?”
I smirk back, “No. I’m Alex.”
She smiles, “Then that explains everything. I guess you want to see Aisha.”
I nod, “Yes please. Are you two okay?”
“Ah, we’re better. We do English homework together.”
Maybe she making sure she doesn’t write any more horror love stories about me and her.
“Let me call her,” she goes back inside.
“I appreciate it!” I say and wait outside.
The door opens again and Aisha walks out to me. She’s gorgeous but she’s not smiling.
“You’re pretty irritating,” I say, simply the truth.
“I know, so are you.”
“Me? What did I do? You’re the one who’s madly in love with me.”
She crosses her arms, “So? Does it bother you if I am?”
I really don’t understand her now.
“What do you want? Why do you hate me so much?”
“I don’t hate you… directly. But it took you so damn long to know I was crushing on you.”
“I don’t get it. How was I supposed to know?”
“From the very beginning! You never asked me about my story! I wrote how bad I loved being raped by you! Ew, that sounds awful, but still, you took too long!”
“So you want me to violate you?”
“Like duh! Even a doofus could figure that-”
I kiss her! I have no second thoughts about it. She tastes just like Cadbury. I whisper it to her.
“Mhh, it’s my favorite,” she moans and turns her tongue in my mouth. It tastes of the chocolate and I feel like I don’t want to stop. She grabs me tighter and I’m intoxicated with her kisses that I think I’m losing my memory too. She’s one passionate kisser!
She pulls out, “I waited for that all week you idiot.”
I kiss her again and tell her I hate her too-which is another way of saying I love her. She smiles and kisses again. Her mom’s watching from behind the curtain but I don’t mind. She’s cool.
“One more thing,” I pull out two movie tickets for Breaking Dawn Part One (Aby’s idea).
She smiles, “They say it’s kinda bloody so why not? Thanks, Alex!”
She goes back inside to ask her mom and she agrees. Aisha comes back and takes my hand. “And sorry for being so impatient with you,” she says.
“We’re cool,” I reply. Caught in a bad romance. I text Mr. Peter telling him all is okay because it’s okay and he told me to tell him when it’s okay.
He replies:
Good for you. And I was kidding about losing my memory! Haha! But the sleep was great!
I laugh. Oh well! Lisa was not completely right about Aisha. But I now know the whole story. At least I learned a lesson: When a girl hates a boy she loves, she loves for real!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think about this episode or the story in general.

Thanks again.

Douglas R


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