My Mom’s a Supermodel Episode 4 Part One


In this episode:

You won’t believe who comes back in town! And this time he’s got a new plan up his sleeves.
The future of Sandton city is threatened when it’s own people turn into zombies including the principal. How’s that for a story?


It’s recess! That means lunch at Bull’s Park today for us. I walk out of History class with Aisha and meet Lisa and Leo at their lockers. Lisa’s locker is right next to Leo’s. Leo’s books keep falling out because off his horrible arrangement. He’s got earphones plugged in and I guess it’s hip hop because that’s what he listens to most.
“Where’s Aby?” says Lisa, looking at me as I come.
“Over there,” Leo points out. Aby comes by and stops. She already knows the school so well by heart, she can go anywhere without any help now.
“Let’s go guys I’m starving!” she says. Sometimes we stay for lunch but I guess we mostly go to Bull’s these days. Aisha, my new girlfriend, is getting the hang of Bull’s too since she likes to follow me and my family everywhere.
Leo leads the way outside and we cross the street and walk beside this long brick wall. Surprisingly, the Park is looking a bit empty today. Aby walks to our favorite table where we can see the skyscrapers and the C.B.D of Jo’burg (thanks to Bull’s Park being built on a small man-made hill).
“Hey guys, look at that,” Aisha points at a picture hanged on the wall.
“That’s the principal!” says Leo, shocked. I don’t get it too. What’s the principal’s picture doing in the Park?
“Weird,” says Lisa as the waiter comes with our lunch. We pre-order before we come so once we arrive we just dig in. I’m sharing a pizza with Aisha, Aby’s having something with chicken in it, Leo’s got a plate full of steak and Lisa just has drinks: cranberry and cream soda (and sometimes an ice-cream if she’s hungry). Lisa eats more at home.
We’re half-way through lunch when Mr. Bull suddenly comes by and sits at our table with us. We stop and stare. He stares back with a cunning smile that he doesn’t usually wear.
“Is it good?” he asks, pointing at our food.
“Yeah,” says Lisa.
Leo holds out some steak and speaks with a mouth full of chewed meat, “Like why would we keep coming here all the time?”
“It’s good enough… as long as it’s still free for us, right?” says Aby. Our two weeks of free food here aren’t yet over!
“Nice to hear,” Bull snaps his fingers and calls a waiter, “Sam, more cranberry for the lady here and bring Alex and his friend another round of pizza!”
Wow! Bull’s never done this to us before. But I know nothing is truly free unless you’ve won it. I turn to Lisa. She’s staring deeply into his blue Dutch eyes.
“What do you want?” she says.
Bull laughs, “What do I want? Ha! I want you guys to be satisfied here.”
Now even Leo stops eating and stares at him.
“Seriously, what is bothering you today?” Lisa says.
Bull laughs and then coughs and laughs again. We all wonder what’s up with this dude. He’s not acting normal.
Bull sighs, “Okay I need your help!”
“Bingo!” Lisa snaps her fingers and smiles.
“What is it?” says Leo.
Bull gestures with his head to a picture up the wall.
We are totally jaw-dropped!
“You like our principal?” I ask.
“Love her,” he rephrases.
“Why?” blurts Aby, “Oh.. sorry.”
“And what do you want us to do?” says Leo.
“I need one of you to send her a little something for me.”
“Wait, have you two been going out?” Lisa seems curious about this.
“Not really. She just came here once and we had a nice long chat. Have you seen her when she sits? Oh, she’s so adorable!”
Aisha and Aby chuckle. Leo’s mouth is too full to laugh and Lisa just smiles broadly.
“I guess you keep more pictures of her?” I say.
“Oh, lots!”
Aby laughs, “And you gaze at her picture while violating yourself?”
Bull’s face begins to blush slightly. Aby seems to have no problem offending people absentmindedly. She can say the f-word to the Pope if he accidentally stepped on her shoe!
“That question is out of bounds,” he replies.
“So what do you want us to give her?” says Aisha.
Bull smiles, “Sam! Get me the gift!”
The waiter goes into his office and returns to our table, carrying the most beautiful bouquet of lily flowers we’ve ever seen!
“Why aren’t those for me!” Lisa stares with desire.
“Aisha spanks my back, “You never gave me flowers!”
“You told me to never do that,” I reply.
“I never realized how beautiful they could be!”
Bull chuckles, “No no, kiddos. These are for Ms. Olivia”
Hm! I never even knew her name!
“I’ll be delighted to deliver the flowers,” says Aby.
Bull doesn’t seem to disagree. “But one more thing,” he says, and pulls out a paper from his pocket, holding it in two fingers. “I wrote her a poem.”
Aisha spanks my back again, “You never wrote me a love poem!”
“Jesus! Okay, I’ll write you a love poem.”
She smiles back at me, satisfied. Girls!
“Let me see,” Lisa stretches her hand to receive the poem. She takes a moment to read it with Leo and then bursts out laughing. She almost falls off the bench!
“Oh my God!” she laughs, “That was so sweet!”
Leo smiles away and returns to his steak. Bull hands me the poem. “Can you give this to her?”
“I guess I can get passed her sleepy secretary,” I say.
“Good boy!”
Man, the dude looks really happy we’re helping him out with this. I guess he must’ve been waiting for us. And now it’s time to head back to school and deliver these beautiful gifts.
The bell rings! Mr. Peter turns around and before he can announce a last minute assignment to the class, he realizes he’s the only person left. “Damn it! They beat me again!”
“I’ll meet you outside later,” I tell Aisha as I head for my sister’s locker. That’s where we agreed to meet.
“Cool, sweetie,” she waves and heads for her locker.
Aby’s just arrived too.
“We have to be quick,” I tell her.
“No problem,” she pulls out the beautiful flowers from her locker and joins me down the hallway toward Mdm. Olivia’s office.
“The poem?” she asks.
“My pocket.”
The secretary’s office door is open and we walk through. She surprisingly smiles back at us.
“I believe those are for the principal,” she says.
“Yeah,” we nod. I thought she’d be sleeping.
She dials her and informs her about our cause. “Go on in.”
And for the first time I’m standing in the principal’s office. She’s wearing a huge grin on her face at the sight of the flowers we place on her table.
“From Mr. Bull,” says Aby. I almost laugh at how she mentioned him with so much respect in her voice.
“And he wrote this for you, I’ll read it,” I open the paper to read her the poem and I suddenly appear to be staring at a blank piece of paper! OMG!
Oh shit!
Oh super shit!
I somehow mixed it up with some other paper. The principal blinks her eyes the way little lovesick girls do when they stare at their first crush.
“Yes?” she’s waiting for me to read it to her.
I sigh! “Here it goes!” I just have to make one up.
I clear my throat.
Her eyes bulge wider.
And here it goes, “Your hair is black as Snow White’s. Your tongue as sweet as lemon!”
Oh no, that doesn’t sound right.
“Your perfume reminds me of home, and the smell of eggs in the oven!”
Aby cringes! I’m not good at this. I’m not an instant poet!
“You’re eyes far as the horizon, stare deep into my crystal soul, I love the way you laugh, it makes my stomach crave for more!”
I got no concentration! My eyes are locked on her chest that seems to turn purple and red.
“You’re lovely hips make me think of football… and how I broke my leg in the season last fall…” I take a closer look and the spots are spreading to her face and she’s starting to scratch herself all over.
“Madame, are you okay?” I ask. Aby stands back.
She struggles to scratch every part of her body. “What flowers are these?”
“Lilies,” says Aby.
The principal sneezes, “I’m allergic to those. Please leave, I’m turning into a monster!”
She screams and then sneezes so hard she bounces out of her chair and falls to the floor. Her arms and legs go purple! I take Aby’s hand and get out and call for help.
The secretary calls for an ambulance. I get back with Aisha and tell her everything. It’s going to be difficult for Bull now. Poor guy! Poor principal!
We decide not to go to Bull’s today. He must’ve got the news and I guess he’s not in the mood to talk about it. Lisa can’t believe lilies are one of the most dangerous flowers to people with flower allergies. In the same group are tree flowers like almonds and orange.
To forget about our troubles we decide to go out for a jog. We enjoy the evening jogging around Sandton. But there’s one thing we can’t help but notice: everyone we pass by is licking an ice-cream!
Every kid, every boy, every girl, every man and woman, every couple, every ex, everybody’s got an ice-cream! Even dogs at the pet store!
I’m with Aby and Aisha and we have no idea what’s up! Once we jog back, we find a crowd of people from all over Sandton, gathering around an ice-cream truck. It’s crazy!
Aisha stares at the scene, “I’ve never seen so many people craving for ice-cream like this!”
“Let’s have a better look,” I say and take Aby’s hand as we travel through the crowd.
“Hey, Al!” someone shouts!
I turn around and realize it’s Lisa. She’s with Asher and Leo and they’re all sucking ice-cream.
“Lisa, what’s going on here?” I ask.
“The hottest ice-cream in the world!” says Leo, holding four.
“I even got cranberry flavor,” Lisa holds it up for us to see.
“But it’s just ice-cream,” says Aby, arms crossed.
“It’s not just any ice-cream,” says Asher, “This one’s from another world!”
I turn to the ice-cream truck and read the sign on it: RHINO’S ICE-CREAM!
What the fudge! Rhino’s in town!
“What is it, little brother?”
“Rhino’s back!”
“We know.”
“What the!”
“He must’ve won the case or bailed himself out, we don’t care. His ice-cream is an explosion to Sandton, we love it!”
I don’t believe what I’m hearing. I glance back at the truck and see two guys wearing hats with a rhino horn jutting out and they’re serving ice-cream. And as I see, they’re making good money out of it. But me? I don’t want anything from those two jerks! At least Aby and Aisha agree with me.
At school the ice-cream addiction seems to take over too. At lunch, there’s an order for a truckload of ice-cream. Every ice-cream craver’s ass is outside and crowding around the truck! It’s outrageous!
Me and Aby decide to go to see the principal for two reasons: One, to see if she’s okay and two, to ask about this ice-cream thing. She’s never allowed an ice-cream truck into the school compound before.
We get to the secretary’s door but she doesn’t want to let us any further.
“I’m sorry but you can’t see Madame Olivia today,” she says.
“But it’s important!” says Aby.
“I’m sorry but today is not a good day to see her. She doesn’t wish to be disturbed.”
Just then the phone rings. She picks up and we hear Mdm. Olivia’s voice sounding from the earpiece.
“Tell Rhino I’d like another special order of Atomic Chocolate, pronto!”
“But Madame,” says the secretary, “You’ve already had ten boxes of those.”
“I don’t care how much I’ve had I want more! Now deliver the message for me and don’t forget to mention want a charming and handsome man he is!”
“All right,” She hangs up and turns to us, “As I’ve said, she’s in no mood or condition to meet with you today.”
I don’t believe it! Even the principal’s gone nuts over this stupid ice-cream! But I have to witness this for myself. I run for her door and fling it open and see the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen in my life!
The principal’s sitting in her chair with legs on the table and her skin is all red and purple. Her face is full of chocolate and there’s chocolate cream all over her desk, staining her documents! She looks like a zombie! She’s a mess!
“Excuse me,” I close the door, grab Aby’s hand and rush out.
“What did you see?” she asks. I tell her and now she feels like hurling. We meet Lisa at her locker. Thank God! She’s my biggest help!
“Lisa, we need to talk!” I yell. I think I’ve lost my mind right now.
“Just a minute little brother,” she opens her locker and pulls out a cold box. I back away a step or two in shock!
“What the hell is that for?”
She explains, “I didn’t want to trouble myself lining outside with the rest so tadaa!” She opens the cold box and my jaw drops to the floor! “I brought my own ice-cream!”
I’m staring at Lisa, posing next to a cold box full of nothing but ice-cream!
Here’s what I do:
I yell!
I scream!
And then I run away like it’s the end of the world.
Lisa asks if I want to try some but I’m not going back. This can’t be happening! Something’s deadly wrong here.


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