My Mom’s a Supermodel Episode 4 Part Two


In this episode:

You won’t believe who comes back in town! And this time he’s got a new plan up his sleeves.
The future of Sandton city is threatened when it’s own people turn into zombies including the principal. How’s that for a story?

Read the second part of this episode…

“All she wants is ice-cream from that rhino’s ass!” Bull sobs. Aisha, Aby and I have just come to the Park after school. He doesn’t look good at all. Besides the Park being deserted again, he’s heartbroken too. It’s just us four at our favorite table next to the window.
Bull’s caring blue eyes are turning red. I hope he doesn’t break in front of us.
“Everyone’s after that ice-cream,” I say.
“Even Lisa, Leo and Asher can’t get their hands off it,” says Aby, trying to cheer the man up.
Bull pulls a newspaper on the table and reads the headlines. “Ice-cream rules Sandton city!” he chuckles, “The rest of Johannesburg is also being introduced to this new brand called Rhino’s ice-cream. The top five addicted flavors are Atomic Chocolate, Cranberry Queen, Berrystraw, Coconut Divine and the Vanilla Catastrophe. Orange Tongue is also emerging into the list of the most addictive.” He slams the Star paper on the table. “You heard about Asher and his team? The Wanderers?”
“No,” I say.
“He missed three free shots because he didn’t have a scoop of ice-cream before the game. The whole team doesn’t practice without it!”
“That’s crazy!” says Aisha. “It’s like what happened in English class today.”
I wasn’t around for that period. I had run out. She tells us that Jennifer was presenting her non-fiction story to the class and Mr. Peter was standing beside, sucking his ice-cream. She couldn’t resist his awesome Vanilla Catastrophe and attacked him! Mr. Peter decided to swallow the whole ice-cream rather than to lose it to her and Jennifer was so mad she fainted! In the hospital wing she kept shivering and begging for ice-cream like a zombie!
“See, that’s no normal treat,” says Bull.
“I agree, Rhino’s up to something!” says Aby.
“But how did he get out of jail?” I ask.
“He got a good lawyer. A miss Dorcy. She got him out but at a huge price. Rhino’s lost a fortune to her and now I see he’s trying to make up for all the money he lost,” says Bull.
“But I don’t think he’s doing it right. I smell something fishy whenever someone tears open their Cranberry Queen,” I say.
“I don’t think so. He’s got the SABS label on his products. They’re certified, approved and legal it seems.”
“Are you kidding?” says Aisha, “Anyone can fake their label!”
“She has a point,” says Aby, “He’s done bad things before, he can do it again!”
“But what’s his secret ingredient that keeps people craving for more?” I ask.
“I’ve thought of that all day myself!” Bull slams a fist on the table.
“What are people addicted to most?” I ask.
“Hmm… sex?” Aisha guesses.
“Money?” says Bull.
“Alcohol?” says Aby.
“Bull guesses again, “Marijuana?”
I snap my fingers just the way Lisa would, “Exactly! Drugs!”
“You think he’s using drugs in ice-cream?” says Bull.
“My mom keeps a drug testing kit at home, it’s worth a try,” says Aisha.
“I say we do it before the rest of Jo’burg turns into zombies.” I say.
“If it’ll save dear Olivia then go ahead kids,” Bull pleads, “The sooner the better.”
Without a second thought we leave the Park and head for the streets where Rhino’s ice-cream truck is parked. As usual, there’s a crowd of zombie’s craving for ice-cream. We make way through the crowd and bustle out at the end and face the two masterminds in rhino horn hats. They’re just a pair of rhino’s asses!
“Three please,” Aisha passes money on the counter.
“What flavor?” asks the dude behind the counter wearing the stupid hat.
“Atomic chocolate, Cranberry Queen and Berrystraw!”
“Here you go, sweetie,” he hands her the ice-creams. I suddenly notice a fifty thousand rand diamond ring on his finger. Christ! These rhino’s asses are filthy millionaires already!
“Let’s go,” Aisha leads us to her home. Just by the package she’s tempted to tear it up and lick some for herself but she knows that’s not going to happen. She takes us to her kitchen and pulls out the drug testing kit from a cupboard.
We spread it all on the counter. Aby and I open the ice-cream that’s partially melted as Aisha folds open the kit. She works with a few chemicals, taking samples from the ice-cream and mixing them up in a test-tube.
“There it is!” she grins, “There’s a whole lot of heroin in the stuff!”
Eureka! We solved this case!
“The rhino’s ass is gonna spend big time back in prison,” Aby puts her hands together, delighted and all cheerful.
“That’s not gonna happen!”
We spin around to that voice and oh my God! It’s Rhino’s assistant and he’s pointing his gun at us.
“Bark!” I recognize him.
“I’m not Bark Bark anymore. These days I go by Woff Woff,” he sneers.
“Doesn’t sound any different,” says Aby.
“Whatever, what matters is that you three are good as dead!” He points his gun at us. He keeps his distance so that we can’t disarm him. Aisha’s already drenched in sweat and shaking in fear. She looks like she’s vibrating! Aby stays close to me.
“Is he holding a gun?” she asks.
“Yes,” I whisper.
“Then that explains why you haven’t castrated him yet.”
“Shut up!” Woff bellows, “You kids know enough. The moment I noticed you left without eating your ice-creams I knew you were up to something so I followed. And it seems I’m right! Oh boy, Rhino’s gonna pay me big time for this!”
“You’ll be caught some day!” I declare.
“Not so soon. In two weeks time we’ll be filthy filthy rich. We’ll move to Hawaii and live happily ever after just like in the fairytales! And now it’s time I silenced you three!”
He directs his gun to my face. I stand and spread my arms in front of Aisha and my sis.
“You’re not killing them!”
He smiles and sniggers. He’s wanted to do this for a long time! His finger slides over the trigger and he’s about to pull! I shut my eyes…
“It’s okay,” I recognize the voice! It’s Bull! When I open my eyes I see Woff lying on the floor unconscious with his gun out of his hands and drool dripping out his mouth. Bull’s holding a baseball bat that’s now almost broken. He smashed his head so hard half the bat is hanging on splinters of wood.
“Thanks a bunch!”
Aby gives him a hug. Aisha pulls me to her and lays a breathtaking kiss on my lips. “Thanks for standing up with your life for us.”
Is it okay for a guy to say ‘I’m flattered’ Whether or not, I guess I am.
“How did you know we were in trouble?” Aby asks.
“I went down to the ice-cream truck to take a look at things there myself and then I find dear Olivia there having a nice chat with Rhino. What an ass! He gave her free ice-cream and even asked her out. I got so pissed that I turned around and marched away or else I would’ve punched somebody over there!
“But then I saw his assistant following you three and I knew there was trouble. I called the cops but they might not come on time and since you three are my good friends I decided to sneak up and see what’s happening. And that’s how I saved you.”
We owe it to Bull!
And this is how things wrap up: The police get over and arrest Woff and repeat the drug tests on the ice-creams. When it’s confirmed, Rhino’s business is closed, he’s got a hell lot of charges and he gets his ass kicked back into prison!
But you know what happens when drug addicts are deprived of their heroin… everyone got sick! It was a whole week of vomiting and hurling and diarrhea and the list just gets worse. It’s disgusting! But at least people finally came back to their normal senses (especially the principal who is currently okay and no longer an ice-cream-thirsty zombie) and now Asher and his team don’t depend on drugged ice-cream.
We’re home, watching a long boring romance movie. I guess everyone in my family but me is enjoying it. Lisa would sometimes take a minute to wonder about how she lost half her mind to Rhino’s ice-cream.
“I can’t believe I was so stupid!” she says.
“It’s okay, everyone fell for it,” says Aby.
“But we still have our stock,” says Leo, “Right, Lisa?”
Stock? What stock?
“Oh yeah,” she grins her mischievous grin and pulls me and Aby toward the freezer. She opens up and I see… I see but it’s too bad to believe!
“Before Rhino’s was closed we bought a whole stock of this beauty!” says Leo, our very sick-minded brother. I stare at the seven best flavors of Rhino’s and I’m getting the temptation.
“Let me help you,” says Asher. There’s Atomic Chocolate, Orange Tongue, Vanilla Catastrophe, Cranberry Queen, Berrystraw, Angry Nuts and Coconut Divine! He gets me the chocolate one, tears it up and sticks it into my mouth!
“Suck it, Alex!”
They all laugh at me. I have to admit, Rhino’s got the chemistry when it comes to ice-cream. These are the best I’ve ever tasted in my life!
“But they’re drugged,” says Aby. But I don’t care, they’re GOOD!
“No they’re not,” says Lisa, “We bought this at a nice discount. Rhino made these for himself so they’re not drugged. He needs money to get Dorcy to be his lawyer again and was willing to sell these to us!”
“They’re completely safe,” adds Leo.
“Call your girlfriend, she would like these,” says Asher.
I grin and grab Vanilla Catastrophe to go with the chocolate. Aby pulls out Coconut Divine. And if there’s one thing I love, no matter how crazy my family can be, they never fail to impress me!

Stay tuned for more of MMAS.

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