The way to tell sad stories (podcast)

Here’s another podcast that’s been a long time coming and I’ve finally unveiled the curtain!


Inspired by the outstanding book, The Fault in our Stars by John Green, this podcast is all about what we decide to be conscious about.

You might’ve read or heard about the book. I recently watched the book trailer and it touched me deeply. In the trailer Hazel says something that immediately steals me.

There’s a way to tell sad stories and we chose the funny way.

Let’s face it. Everybody has their fair share of sad stories in their own lives. But how do we manage those stories?
Or rather, how do you chose to tell them?

No matter what situation attacks us, we have the ultimate decision to chose our reality. We decide what we want to be conscious about. And it’s sad that we haven’t taken full responsibility for that.

We let other things decide what our reality is. We allow our minds to wander around the negative things too much and in doing that we make them our experience.

That’s pretty much what the podcast is about.

I hope after listening to this podcast you will feel different about the power you have to declare not just what you feel but also what you want to feel.

Click here to listen to The way we tell sad stories.

To listen to the previous podcast, click here to select from the list.


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