The Perks of being a Writer (free ebook)

Ever had that feeling when you look at the book you took months to write and say, “You know what? Maybe you suck!”

Yeah, I’ve been feeling that way a little about my ebook, The Perks of being a Writer for a few weeks. It wasn’t till I went back to read it again that I felt, “Man, this is really good shit!”

If you’ve gone through my previous posts then you will realize that I’ve been fighting the battle against negativity. In other words I’m on the War against terror!

And one of my latest victories is realizing how great this book actually is. I wrote the Perks to provide deep truths and secrets about creativity, insights on writing and in the last section, I explain why and how Writer’s block isn’t real.

I’ll say it again.




Click here to download The Perks of being Writer (PDF) for free.

But why am I sharing this ebook and what’s in it for YOU?

I’ve always been writing stories ever since I was 13 but recently I’ve felt the pressure of trying to create something better than my last work, the pressure of always trying to be new and creative. Then came fear and shadows.

It wasn’t till I started blogging and probing into all this fear that I found out the real facts about writing and creating that most people shockingly, just don’t know about. And these secrets have helped me incredibly and put me back in the driver’s seat. But I didn’t want it to end there.

I decided to put these truths and secrets together into an ebook that I could share with other people who are in the same situation.
If this sounds like YOU, then I’d make a decision and download this book. It’s completely free and will undoubtedly help you.

Click here to get it NOW!

The Perks of being a Writer

You are about to read a full blast inspiring ebook, posts from my blog and lessons that will change the way you think about writing.

Are you struggling with writers block?
Are you over-conscious of how good your writing is?
Do you fight to get your creative juices flowing?

This ebook has the answers to all this and much more and believe me, they are simple and straight and some are so cool they might just knock your socks off!

But take if from me, you’re about to learn way more than you expect!

This ebook will go on amazon and you know that will mean it will have a price tag!

But you can download my book exclusively now and for free before it goes on sale!
I want this great book to be available to as many writers as possible, easily!

The link is right below:

Click here to Download The Perks of being a Writer now and save your money.

The Perks of being a Writer
© Douglas R.


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