Why it’s okay to screw everything up.

Ever thought you had it all in your control just to see it crumbling down?

Ever thought you had it covered just to watch it come to pieces?

Ever thought you were so right just to realize you’ve been so wrong?

Well, that’s me. Right now.


Bumping my head with my palm while looking at the mess I’ve made is becoming very common as I try to make things work.

I guess I was getting it all wrong.

Here’s how I screwed up!

I was very much influenced by non-fiction writers and their blogs that when it came for me to recreate my blog, I started blogging like a non-fiction writer myself too. Again.

But I’m not a non-fiction guy. All my writing is pure fiction. And I don’t do well mixing the two. What I need is a fiction writer’s platform.

I pretty much had to hold my horses and rack my brains as I went over my dumb mistakes. It’s all part of the learning process and I’m quite used to starting over anyway.

It’s okay to screw everything up.

I did. And it’s helped me reposition myself to where I’d like to be. It opens the eyes.

It reveals a new dimension to you that you were too blind to see.

After screwing up the world is here and it’s for you to take.

So there’s a positive side to it.

But enough of screwing up, it’s time to start over!

My Mom’s a Supermodel, my family comedy series launches tomorrow and the first package of four episodes will be available to subscribers and followers and pretty much anyone else I invite.

It’s going to be a more strategic launch, with retrospect to my previous failures. I’m trying to do this the best way possible.

It’s my new start to getting my ass back to the fiction side and creating my readership.

Screw up. Learn.Start over.

That’s the formula.

Sometimes it goes on repeat. That’s okay. Just keep learning and you’ll move on.

You’ll get to where you belong.


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