It Begins: My Mom’s a Supermodel Campaign


Hi and welcome to My Mom’s a Supermodel series.

You love family? You love drama? You love comedy?

Then this is your book!

Aside from jumping into a swimming pool of crocodiles, almost getting your ass shot, accidentally burning down the candy shop, battling girls with red beards and watching your principal turn into a zombie, My Mom’s a Supermodel is a story based on humor, love, drama and the magical bond of family.

This story deserves to be read. That’s why I’m starting this campaign to help spread the fun, the thrill, the craze and get more people on this virtual roller-coaster of a novel.

With that said…

Welcome to the Campaign

The Campaign for this family comedy story starts today featuring the first four episodes.

Now this is not for everybody but if you want to laugh and you love to read then hop on the roller-coaster!

About MMAS

My Mom’s a Supermodel (MMAS) is a story I wrote during a harsh time in my life. I was going through a couple of things I didn’t like and I wanted my life to have more humor and joy.

So I decided to write a story that would make me laugh. Make other people laugh. I wanted something that would be fun and really enjoyable.

And starting today that story is available to you!

How to get My Mom’s a Supermodel?

If I have personally contacted you then you already know that I will begin emailing the first package of the novel (4 episodes) to you, starting today.

If you are completely new like most of you then all you need to do to get the story is to shoot me an email with your names at:

I will send you the story ASAP via my Douglaswriter Evernote account (so don’t delete the message it’s not spam).

And along with that you’ll receive a personalized QR code coupon that you will use to get the other 15 episodes.


I’ll tell you all about this coupon thing after you email me and I have sent you the story. It’s simple, don’t worry. 🙂

The campaign is fun, competitive and you have an easy role in helping me create a readership.

I want to be frank and honest with all of you from the beginning. I’m very excited about this comedy story and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you.

But I’m using this campaign to reach out to more readers and to build my own readership, beginning with my fans, my friends and with YOU if you do wish to be a part of this campaign.

I promise I won’t make you do work or crack your back for me. 🙂


And Gawd! I almost forgot. There are loads of surprises on the way if you stick with me, follow my blog, or even if you hang out on Facebook and follow my page.

I promise joining me on this campaign will NOT be a mistake. You get my entire novel for free but it doesn’t end there.

I’m already packing more for you guys and if you want proof, I’m adding a sneak peek inside the story for a little project I’ve been working on. It’s going to be huge!

So stick around, join the MMAS campaign by sending me an email at:

…get my free story and find out why My Mom is a Supermodel (not mine).

Thanks for your time and trust. I treasure it.

You may also shoot me any questions you may be having about the story or the campaign.

I love to talk.

And it’s been great talking to you!


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