My Mom’s a Supermodel-The Campaign with new rules


Hi, awesome!

I just wanted to tell you that the rules for the MMAS campaign have changed.

But that makes everything simple for you again. There are two major updates:

One: The email list name has been changed from Bravewriters to Stories with Douglas R and…

Two: You don’t need to forward any QR Codes to anyone to get the rest of the MMAS ebooks. (You can forget about all that rubbish)
When available, they will be free downloads for everybody who subscribes.

If you are viewing this in your email then that’s great for you!
Because you’re in line to keep getting more MMAS episodes in future as I complete the editing process.

If you’re new then that’s not a problem either. All you have to do is click the subscription link below and once you confirm your subscription you’ll be redirected to the site where you can download the first funny episodes of My Mom’s a Supermodel series!

Piece a’ cake!
Click here to subscribe to Stories with Douglas R and get your laughing gas-of-a-book for free now!

P.S: Oh, before I forget, feel free to forward this to anyone who needs a nice funny read to knock the sense of humor back into their system. Thank you!- douglas r writer


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