MMAS and a book I’ve never talked about


I’m really excited about two things:

My Mom’s a Supermodel is gonna fly to amazon soon for $2.99—but of course, there’s always that free copy for you 🙂

Secondly, my other novel Tunnels (which I have NEVER spoken about) is soon going to be available in print! I can’t believe it.

Plus, anyone who buys MMAS on amazon will also receive a free copy of Tunnels via a link (in the ebook).

Anyway, during my battles with the publishers I decided to switch a boring blurb for this new one. Check it out and tell me what you think about it:



When you think of a love story
you think of a boy and a girl
and a fit of hormones. 
Have you ever thought of a story
of a man and his heart,
and a fit of secrets?
That would forever change his life
and of those who knew the secret. 
There are two ways to write about love:
One is a love story
The other is a story of love 
The truth lies in both
But the secret lies in one. 
A secret that could change everything
the world perceived—even you.
And the man chosen to find it is about to die

Read his story… you might just save his life
…and yours as well!

Thanks, that’s all the updates for now. Take care!
Much love.


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