Free Ebook Giveaway!

Today has finally arrived! My Mom’s a Supermodel is now completely free on amazon today, 14th October.

There are 4 more free days for my kdp select program which I will use in future. So today is your first exclusive chance to get the book for free.


Click here to get the book for free

However book marketing is tough and I need your support. All you have to do is download the book and tweet this post on Twitter or share to Facebook. All social media links are below this email (if you’re an email subscriber).

Thanks a lot and don’t miss your free copy today!

*Inspired by How I Met Your Mother and iCarly*
The addictive style of TV series now comes to books for the first time ever with My Mom’s a Supermodel, featuring 19 amazing episodes of Alex and his family. They arm-wrestle their English teacher, fall into swimming pools with crocodiles, fight the girl with the red beard and with a record like that who’s to say they won’t burn down the candy shop?
But Alex needs to find his real mother he yearns for silently in the midst of the craze. Get the book here free and help him find her!


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