The New Best Way to Download an Ebook + more AMAZING stuff

Hi, there!

I hope you’re all having a great week because mine has been awesome! (Really, I hope you are having a great week.)

The subscriber count keeps coming up and I would love to give a big Thank You to everyone who’s joined my email list, Stories with Douglas R. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cherish each and every one of you. And I mean it.

That’s why I enjoy feeding you with a couple of free stories as the road to Horizon (my latest story) unfolds along the way.
I’m sure all of you on my list knows something about Horizon and does have the freebie (hopefully).

However, I noticed that downloading the other free ebooks, My Mom’s a Supermodel and Tunnels is quite a fuss because you’ve got to go through different webpages. One for each book.
Well, for someone with a great internet connection that’s not a problem. But I understand we don’t all have wifi (I don’t) and even if the neighbors have it, there’s a password to keep other people out of reach.

But I have great news! Relax, redemption for your free ebooks is finally here!

The new best way to download ebooks!

If you haven’t got all 3 ebooks then you don’t have to get them!


I’ll send them right to you!

There’s no better way to download an ebook than when it’s right there, sitting in your email inbox.
Thanks to Evernote’s simple mailing system it’s easy to send the ebooks to you right away, straight from the server.

All you have to do is reply to this email and ask for the ebooks (you will receive all three) and then you’ll be able to download the one you want. Easy.

Okay, this may not be the best of the best but it does save a hell lot of time and it’s extremely convenient. You don’t have to click on links anymore. You don’t have to leave the safety home of your mailbox. All you have to do is download by clicking the ebook icons and opening them up in your applications—apps. (Man, did that make me feel old! 🙂 )

I hope this works for you if you’ve had a hard time downloading the ebooks.

And speaking of ebooks:
If you want bigger font sizes on the ebooks, reply to let me know.
Plus, if anyone wants the ebooks in a different format, say mobi for Kindle or ePub for iBooks, please let me know as well and I’ll work on it ASAP.

All right, now for the second announcement…

AMAZING CONTESTS straight ahead!

As we wait for Horizon to unfold—and as we also wait for the possibility of a print book giveaway—I am currently planning a couple of seriously and ridiculously amazing contests in the near future.
I will let you know more about it in the next email (most likely this weekend).

But just to tease you, there will be a Video Contest and you will love the prizes I have in store for you. They aren’t material but you will have a ton of fun reaping the awards you can win.
But like I said, more of that next time.

Well, that’s that. Send me any questions or request for the ebook email delivery by replying to this email.

And one more time, thank you, thank you, thank you so very dearly for your time and attention and for being my friend.

Peace out.



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