More book formats + Updates on the video contest.


Last week I received emails from some of you requesting for the ebooks in mobi (for Kindle) and ePub (for iBooks) formats.

I put my head to this and I now have your ePub formats ready for you to download! Isn’t that great?

To get them now, just click below:

Click here to download all 3 ebooks for iBooks (ePub).

OR, if you’d like me to email them to you then respond to this email.

All right, all right, now the Kindle readers must be thinking about their mobi versions of the ebooks. I’m still working on them. I’ll have them ready soon. So relax, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I do love you very much. It makes my day to be able to interact with all of you!

Okay, now about the Video Contest!

I’ll be straight to the point—

Here’s the idea.
•I’ll put up a video, an artistic one of course, for all to see and there will be a question to answer about it.

•The person who answers correctly, first, becomes the winner.

•The winner gets to collaborate with me on making the next video! (It may be an actual recording or compilation of photos with background music). Plus, they also get to dedicate the video to whoever they choose!
Aaand… they are also eligible for special giveaways in future. So it’s a really amazing privilege altogether.

Here’s an example:


Question: What song is used in this short film?

Prize: Collaborate with the author on creating the next video and dedicate it to anyone you love.

I’m really excited about this idea. The Video Contest is going to be fun, interactive and it will help connect you people/readers together—which is a priority I am aiming for.

But to make this possible, I need you to want this to happen. I wouldn’t want to go ahead with something that you don’t resonate with. So I need you to do me a little favor:

If you like the idea of having a Video Contest then reply YES to this email OR say so in the comments if you’re reading this off my site.

Thank You!

Before I leave I’d like to say another big thank you to everyone who’s subscribed for my ebooks and newsletters. Sharing your attention with me is an honor I respect. So thank you thank you thank you. I hope you have fun here!

More to come so stay tuned!




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