Do you have a dream?


Today’s message is going to be a lot different from the rest.

The story I’m currently featuring is Horizon and it shall continue. There are still 25 more chaps to enjoy that are so entertaining I wish I could share them with you right now.

Ivey arrives in Amazonia, there’s no doubt about that, but how about I tell you what she’s up against?
Nah, that’ll spoil everything for you. And you don’t want me to tell you about the other Zartans. You’d rather read yourselves. There’s ‘a lot‘ of action, fighting, bursts of thrill and adventure.

Aadrika isn’t left in the action, in fact she plays a huge role in the story so you’ll still be seeing more of our world’s best mom—I know, right? 😉

When you signed up I hope you saw the message about the fourth ebook.

It’s a special gift for all of you that I’m still working on. It’s something for everybody with a dream.

In that ebook (title undisclaimed) I interview a couple of very successful people who followed the road less traveled to chase their dreams.

They definitely inspire me and I’m sure they’ll inspire you as well.

Dreams are something I value with all my heart and mind.
I’m either living for my dream or dying for it. I know of no other better way to live.
And I hope this resonates with you. When you’re holding that idea of yourself that you wish to express in the real world, when you want to do something, be something, when there’s something you love and want to go after—you know it.

“You know it when you feel it, you know it when it’s there”

Song: Farrah Fawcett Hair by Capital Cities

This is my heart it’s on the line…

Song: Selene by Imagine Dragons

Okay, so maybe Selene isn’t about dreams. That line still provoked the feeling inside of me. Another song that awakens the fire within me is Do or Die by 30 Seconds to Mars.

And it’s a beautiful fact that we all have a fire within us. There’s more to you than what you think or have ever thought. And that’s the truth. You’re capable of just so much. The sky is not the limit. Who ever invented that? There is no limit.

I’m working on this project to help ignite that fire inside of you. And to let you know that there are limitless possibilities for you—if you believe.

I’ll be reminding you about this project in future, especially for my new subscribers who need to get a little acquainted with what’s going on.

And a few more things before you leave—

Mobi ebook formats still underway. I’ve had a long day with the process, all results missing the cover. That’s the real problem. I’m constantly looking for better softwares. Sorry for the wait. I won’t stop trying.

A Horizon book talk is already active on Goodreads. If you have any questions or comments about the book and where it’s going—anything at all—then air your voice for this book. Click here to join the Horizon book talk!

I’ll answer all questions you have about the story and characters and I will try my best not to give away spoilers. 🙂

Here’s the link again: Click here to join the Horizon book talk!

Thanks again for your attention. I value it deeply. If you have any questions about the “special gift ebook” (as it is so dubbed) then respond to this email or comment if you’re reading this off my site.

Happy weekend!


My values: joy, love, gratitude, bliss, faith, dreams



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