Do you have the answers to these questions?


Thank You for the time you spent reading Horizon and the other stories I provided. I hope you didn’t have a hard time downloading the ebooks. If you did have trouble, don’t worry, there are download links in this message.

Ivey’s story—as far as the freebie tells it—ends when she steps into the time-machine and is transported 65 million years back in time. What happens next, how she meets the other Zartans and many other questions you may have remain unanswered.

But guess what?

It’s your chance to answer these questions!

Below is a little questionnaire about the book and a few more other questions.

I’d love to know exactly what you think. And don’t forget to have fun!

Okay, here we go!

•How do you like Horizon?

•What is the opening scene you think the next chapter will have?

•Do you like the Secret Circle organization? (It’s okay to say no, they’re not watching.)

•Do you think Ivey’s got what it takes to survive in Amazonia? With all the bloodthirsty dinosaurs and life-endangering missions?

•What do you think Aadrika will do now Ivey’s gone?

The next questions are about You.

•What are your favorite books?

•What sort of book do you wish you could read right now?

•How or where do you discover new books?

•Which book sites or reader sites (or blogs) do you often hang out in or follow? Example: Goodreads, Wattpad, twitter…
(It doesn’t have to strictly be a book site)

To answer these questions simply reply to this email or answer in the comments.
If you haven’t read the freebie for Horizon yet then you can answer the questions related to you. Once you’re done with the freebie you can send your replies for the book questions as well!

Like I mentioned, ebook download links are right here. Click below to get Horizon, Tunnels and My Mom’s a Supermodel in:

ePub for iBooks
mobi for Kindle

Thank you for subscribing and answering the questions. I appreciate it immensely. Before I go I’d like to leave you with a treat. Another 50 second video.


Where do YOU find your childhood? is about seeing the reflection of your childhood in the objects or toys you had and cherished during those years. In my case, (and maybe in yours as well), it’s stories. I see my little self reflecting back to me when I gaze over the stories I read and Disney movies I watched while growing up. It’s nostalgic, sometimes to the point of being annoying for me. 😀

I hope the video resonates with you as well. Here’s the link: Click here to watch Where do YOU find your Childhood?

And one more thing. I lost the original clearer version of the video so the one I uploaded to Vimeo may not be top quality. Sorry about that. I hope you still go check it out.

But before you do, don’t forget to reply with your answers. Ivey’s life depends on them!!

Okay, maybe not entirely. 😉




4 thoughts on “Do you have the answers to these questions?

  1. Hi, Douglas(good name my dad’s)
    I like the premise behind “Horizon” I like to think that Amazonia is the key to our survival.
    Opening of next chapter Ivey meeting a friend in the jungle?
    I am not sure about the ‘Secret Circle’ they seem to have their own agenda! but to do I don’t know.
    I believe that Ivey is going to develop into a considerable force if she and the other ‘Zartans’ work together for the good of the planet and the survival of the human race…
    Some of my favorite books are “Mists of Avalon” by Marion Zimmer Bradley,rip, “Hunting the Light” a new book by Tripp Blunschi, “Lord of Rings” and “The Fall of Arthur” and “The Hobbit” by Tolkien,rip, all of Elizabeth Peters books but “Crocodile on the Sandbank” is a good one, Terry Goodkind and Dennis Wheatley, an English writer, rip. I love all books from children’s classics, Jane Austen, etc. If I could read a book right now, it would be the rest of yours because you have me on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next! I like all sorts of books from classics, sci-fi, fantasy I love Mercedes Lackey’s books history in fact I reading “Kings of Ankgor:10,000 Elephants” plus I like paranormal stories like plus mysteries from Tami Hoag, James Patterson & Maxine Patteo. I find that I can always look in my magazines, newspapers, on Goodreads, Amazon, the library, and occasionally on the television or from friends. Which book sites do I follow some authors blogs like Zachary Jerrigan who wrote the book “No Return” his blog is ‘Hyperbolism’ , Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter(but I don’t understand it, but do use it on occasion), so I use, Wattpad, Smashwords.
    Have a really great night, love and peace, yours sincerely, Karen.

    • Thanks a lot for your input Karen. I love James Patterson & Maxine Paetro as well. They make such an amazing combo! And if u haven’t read step on a crack by Patterson then like I always tell people, you have got to read that book. It’s awesome! Thar book deserves to be a bestseller!! And your answers are interesting. Let’s see what happens as the story unfolds… Peace and love P&L back to you too. Have a great day!


  2. I find a reflection of my childhood through my interaction with my grandchildren. Sometimes their parents think that I’m better off with them than the adults, but that is because children are the reflection of what’s best about us, at least I hope so!

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