You Don’t Want to Miss this!

Hi, there

I’m happy to be writing to you again because I have a lot in store for you!


Amazonia: Ivey’s world coming to YOU soon! (Test display on my iPhone)

I’ve been working on Horizon and a pre-release copy will soon be available for you if you would like to read the whole story before its big debut!

Yes! The whole 30 chapters, 90,000 words of action, thrill, dinosaurs and adventure will soon be in your hands.
It’s an exclusive offer to you because, call me sappy but I love you for sharing your attention with me and opening my emails when you could’ve been watching football, cleaning the kitchen or doing your home/paperwork. Or you could even be in bed.

I don’t take that lightly so I’m always grateful that you allow me to hang out in your inbox (or that you click on my site).

However, you only get your pre-release version of Horizon when you reply to this email saying anything like:





Prior to the pre-release copy is another version of Horizon with 10 chapters. (Which, if you have read the freebie already, should be the next five chapters.)
I’ll include it in the next email.

Ivey has something to say today again. So I’m sidestepping to give her your attention. Here you go, Ivey!

“Hi, there! So great to talk to you again. I’m Ivey. If you’re reading Horizon then you know who I am. If you haven’t then stop what you’re doing. I don’t care if you’re driving an ambulance or being pulled over by the cops. You have to pick up my story and read it because it’s awesome.
And if you don’t know characters have the license to brag!
Anyway, the big BIG thing I talked to you about last time… it’s almost ready! If you’re a new fan then let me break it to you: My author and I decided to get together to create something like a picture book for Amazonia. The world I’m stuck in right now. It’s full of dinosaurs, soldiers, a jungle that transcends horizon after horizon… it’s gonna be great!
So far so beautiful if you ask me. I think we’re really outdoing ourselves with this one.
And I also can’t wait for my author to post the next 5 chapters. I sorta made him do that. I don’t care about sales, I just want people to know my story. That’s what makes me happy.
And if you can’t wait, there’s that golden pre-release copy you can get by replying to this email. Oh, such golden opportunities!
Speaking of opportunities, I’m about to do something really crazy down here. I mean, the General says I’m not allowed but I just can’t help it. I’m a girl who craves adventure. You might not like what I’ll to do because… you know… I could die. But heck! This is Amazonia. If you ain’t living the adventure then you’re still dying anyway because life here would suck.
And it does suck a lot at the gym. But I’m getting used to coach Salma. Hugo is training Harina and I how to use the weapons. I don’t see much of Warren but he does show up a couple of times to make a few announcements.
And Gawd, you won’t believe who Malikah really is?!!! Too bad I’m not allowed to do spoilers. I’m a big mouth. I just don’t shut up.
Okay, time to hand you back to my author. Stay cool! Bye!”

Hope you enjoyed Ivey’s little talk. That’s pretty much what’s happening right now. Amazonia (the picture book) will be available pretty soon. You’ll have a fun time looking at the pictures and reading the rest of the story.

By the way, I’m writing this to you from the Cinema at the mall, where I recently watched the very awesome Catching Fire. (I just can’t shut up about that movie!) There are screens up here showing different movie trailers and I can’t chose which movie I should watch next.

I’m interested in the Hobbit, Ender’s Game (I have got to read that book!) and Captain Philips. Which one do you think is awesome?

Okay, that should wrap it up. Thanks a box of chocolates for spending this time with Ivey and me. We appreciate it so much!
If you’re a new fan then don’t fret, you’ll catch up with the story. The freebie is a one day read. You should be right on track in no time.

Plus, if you want to read the ebooks in different formats for kindle and iBooks then click below to get all 3 ebooks in:
ePub for iBooks
mobi for Kindle

Till next time!




4 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to Miss this!

  1. Ivey is a fantastic young woman and I’m looking forward to reading more about her and the other ‘Zartan’ and their fight to save the planet by what they accomplish in Amazonia. I wonder what secrets are we going to find out about her mother and the ‘Secret Circle’.

    • You won’t wait too long to find out. And thanks for the sweet comment. Ivey must be flattered because I am. 🙂
      And about Aadrika… let’s say you just never know, right?

  2. I’m looking forward to know more about the story. I really like time traveling stories and I’m really curioius to her purpose as a Zartan and what role exactly does she play in the future of mankind and what is the key that lies in Amazonia that is known as the “hope” of the future. I’m really looking forward to the release so definitely on my TBR until release =D

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