Ivey’s Christmas Gift To YOU!



Happy Christmas. I know it’s a belated greeting.

I haven’t sent you a newsletter in ages. I’m sorry about that. I got ill again and couldn’t do much but thankfully I’m getting better.

Now, Ivey is ready to give YOU her little Christmas gift. Her world, Amazonia, in pictures like she promised.

The picture-book as you may call it will help you get a little inside perspective of what it’s like down there. She couldn’t show all she wished because it’s not easy to smuggle many photos without the Secret Circle knowing about it but she’s done her best and I’m proud of her. 🙂

Without further ado, click here to download Amazonia directly. (It’s 9.7mb by the way so you might want to wait a few minutes if your connection is slow).

Well, I miss you guys and I’m thankful for your time. That’s pretty much it for today.
The pre-releases for Horizon have already been sent but if you missed last time’s message then here’s another chance to grab your pre-release copy of Horizon. Just reply to this email and I’ll send it over in 3 formats you can chose from. (PDF, ePub and mobi).

*And if you don’t already have the mobi format for kindle, let me know and I’ll send it over.

For those who haven’t requested for the pre-release, a 10 chapter version of Horizon is available. Click below to download in:
and PDF

All right, I’ve blabbed enough and you must want to get back to your celebrations and unboxing (if you were able to wait for Boxing Day) and family time.

Happy Christmas again from me and Ivey. I’ve had an amazing time with you these past weeks. Thank YOU so much for your awesome support. I owe you a lot! Let’s see what the new year brings… hopefully more stories 😉



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