Battle of the Covers! YOU chose which fits Horizon.

Hi, *|FNAME|*

It’s book launch week! If you voted for the description you liked in the previous message then I am so grateful for your feedback. It’s been helpful.

Now today is all about the cover.

Last year I put up a thread on Goodreads asking for people to judge my cover. The response was great and I received a ton of advice and suggestions.

But modifying the cover was pretty hard because it demanded I start over and the artwork would end up quite different. During the process I ended up designing a new cover and in two days, Horizon had a new face.

But only one cover gets to be chosen… by YOU!

The battle of the Covers!

You can vote for the cover you like by replying to this email, commenting in comments or even by flying over to my Facebook page or just send out an @mention on twitter, stating the cover you like. My account: @douglaswriter

Okay. Here we go!

Here’s the OLD cover.


And here’s the NEW cover.


And one more thing, comments and opinions are always welcome.
To vote quickly, you can just use the words OLD or NEW if you like to keep it simple.

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the covers, *|FNAME|*. I’m very excited and I hope you are too.

Once the cover and  description are chosen, Horizon will make its  debut on Amazon, followed by other ebook retailers like Sony, iBooks and wherever Smashwords distributes ebooks to.

Okay, go vote and let’s see which cover and description  wins.

Have a great day!


Douglas R


9 thoughts on “Battle of the Covers! YOU chose which fits Horizon.

  1. Hi,Duggy, I loved the first cover but think that the second cover is more artistic and really liked description number 3 best.
    I checked the typos there weren’t too many I make so many more and have to go back and correct as I go but tend to miss a lot of them, Anyway all the best wishes in my world for the launch of “Horizon” have put out the word to all my friends around the world to buy it, hope that they do that! I look forward to reading lots more books by you in the future. Peace and love, yours ever, Karen.

    • Karen thank you so much for all your comments. They made my day!! Your vote has been counted for the description and I’m so grateful for your feedback. 
      I think the 2nd cover is more artistic as well. I also think most people still like the first since they’re used to it already and maybe it has a stronger connection to them as well. 
      So what’s your final pick on the cover? If you saw the book in the store what would it look like to you? 
      And much love and peace and joy back to you and all your friends too!

  2. I really like the first cover but ‘ll go with the second one because it’s realy beautiful too. If I found either of the covers at a book store I think both will catch my attention and make me want to buy it. But I’ll go with the second one because it’s more eye catching and artistic.

  3. Hey Doug! Thanks for all your updates and for letting me vote. My vote goes for the Old one. Its full of mysticism,.. Mystic is magical. Makes the book feel sacred. The second one displays quiet an impressive artwork. Attractive, yes, buh my vote remains with the first. They both good though. As long as what’s in the book is good work, of which it is, the cover dont matter. Ah, and by the way, give your vote top priority. Its your book and as I did say, both covers are good. So whatever you choose, it’d still sell. Best of luck!

  4. To come think of it, the second cover relates to the book a whole lot more than the first. As much as I love the first, with all that mysticism, my vote is now redirected to the second. Sorry about the indecisiveness. Its a hard job choosing between the two. 🙂

    • Thanks for your views. The first cover is kinda mystic but I also wanted the cover to reflect more of the content to the book so I tried another and waited to see how you’d respond to it.
      And thank you for your positive review about Horizon. Makes my day! 🙂

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