This also belongs to You

Hi, *|FNAME|*.

I’m very grateful for your votes on the book description and cover for Horizon!

Receiving your votes was  exciting and it’s time to show you the results.

The winning description is Number 3!

My whole life changed the moment I met Sara Hilson at the airport.
I escaped.
My own mother.
And it was never the same again.

I am a Zartan, one of five, a legendary chosen one. The world is ending and no one knows about it but the Secret Circle, a classified organ from NASA.

The  answer to our apocalypse  is buried 65 million years back, to the age of the dinosaurs.

This is my mission.

My face is full of blood and they just keep coming. The world depends on our sacrifice.

They keep coming.
And we keep running.

We are not stopping!

Welcome to Amazonia, my friend. It’s not Disney Land.

Okay that’s the description. I modified it in response to someone’s comment.  Number 3 won 58.33% of the votes. Number 2 received 25% and description Number 1 grabbed 16.67%.

The winning cover (and this was an interesting one) is the NEW cover! It grabbed 58.33% of the votes and the OLD cover received 41.66%.


So there it is. Your official cover and description for Horizon. I think it’s interesting that both won the same percent of your votes. You rock!

As soon as this book is on Amazon and ready for sales l’ll let you know. So you can tell your friends about the voting and the book and get them hyped up with book release fever. (Like I had when The Fall of Five from the I am Number Four series came out last year!) 🙂

And by the way you have got to read that book if you haven’t. It’s whack!

Before I say “goodbye and have an awesome week” I want to thank YOU for supporting me all the way and for your touching comments and even for simply giving your time to open up my emails or check out my blog and Facebook page.
It all means so much to me. It makes my day and I could never be thankful enough.

I feel that this book belongs to you just as much as it belongs to me and anyone else who loves it.

And there’s always more fun to come so  stay tuned.

Now here’s your goodbye and have an awesome week!




8 thoughts on “This also belongs to You

  1. I am so very proud of you, Duggy. You are setting out and achieving great things. I like the new cover and the description. I hope that your book is more successful than The Hunger Games and Divergent combined! 🙂 You have always been so kind to me. Your advice inspired me and touched my heart every time. You’re doing a great job with your work. I plan on reading all of yours books someday. 😀 Keep up the good work.

    Love you dearly 🙂

    • Thanks so much Andria! That is just so touching. You’re also a lot of help. I wouldn’t be achieving much if it weren’t for your awesome support and friendship! I owe a lot to you too!
      Lots of love back to you 🙂

  2. Hi, Duggy, I am so pleased that your book is coming out it has been a pleasure watching your growth as a writer! Wishing you all the success in the world with “Horizon” hope you have lots of sales I have the word out to friends and family worldwide.. so they better buy copies. I loved that you asked our opinions throughout the process of writing the book, synopsis and cover art, thank you! I’m glad that I picked 3 and the new cover! ever yours, your friend Karen

    • Thank You Karen! That made my day!! 🙂
      I’m happy you voted and gave your opinions. It’s been a great journey with you. And thanks for telling your friends about Horizon. I can’t be thankful enough honestly. 
      Lots of love,


      • thank you for your reply, I really loved your book. I cannot wait until it comes out as an ebook, the reason being that I have no more shelf space or room to put in more shelves.. hence need for ebook! I hope that you will tell me when it is out! love and peace, ever yours, Karen.

    • Hey, the ebook for Horizon is already available on Amazon here for $2.99

      It’s also currently free on Smashwords:

      And just in case you missed the message, don’t miss the online book party tomorrow for Horizon. More details (including time of event based on your location) here:

      Thanks again for all the support. You rock! Peace and love back to you, Duggy. Xoxo

      • Hi, Duggy,
        Is your HORIZON out as a paperback as well as an ebook? I was wondering, because it would be nice to have a hard copy of your book HORIZON? If not i will purchase an ebook asap(or when I have more than a few cents in my account).
        I hope that the book sells well and you have a great day, I’m looking forward to tomorrow at 3p.m. my time!!
        peace and love, ever yours,Karen..

    • Horizon is currently just a ebook. However I’m working on enrolling it in Createspace (a company from amazon) so paperback copies will be available on demand. (the print on demand service) As soon as I nail that, you’ll be able to have a physical book for Horizon. I hope I bang this out in time. Thanks for asking. 
      See you at the book party! 🙂

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