Do you miss feeling excited? You should check this Out!

Hey, *|FNAME|*!!

This week I’ve got some really amazing stuff for you (Horizon release + an online book party) so let me break it down!

First, Horizon just debuted on Amazon!

Yippee! Just click on the new banner above that says “Horizon Available Now” to buy the  book  on Amazon for $2.99 or click here to get it free on Smashwords.

Horizon will also be available on other sites in the near future  (for free)  so iBooks and Sony Reader fans please hold on. It’s coming. 🙂

I’m so glad for finally reaching  this milestone and I know I couldn’t have accomplished this much without your support, *|FNAME|*.

So, to celebrate, I put up an amazing  event on my Facebook page (Douglaswriter).

***drum roll***

Welcome to the Horizon Online Book Party!

The online party is a one hour session that will begin at 10:00pm GMT, starting this Friday, 17th January. There will be 6 parties over a span of 12 days.

Here are the dates:

Friday 17th Jan
Saturday 18th Jan
Tuesday 21st Jan
Thursday 23rd Jan 
Saturday 25th Jan
Tuesday 28th Jan

You don’t want to miss this event!!

Click here to see the time and date for your location (because missing parties can suck!).

You can also click here to confirm that you will join the event on  Facebook. (For obsessive facebookers) 😉

There will be:

Frequent Pop Quiz Questions about Horizon.

Book related talks between you and other fans.

Because it’s a party it will be centered around chatting, games and having FUN!

Did I mention there are prizes to be won on each party?

You can win a mailed letter from any story character you love from Horizon!

Also win a never-read-before, Hidden Chapter from Horizon!

Plus, there’s a chance to get featured in one of my newsletters where you can voice your opinions about the book!

The Mystery Host!
Excited? I sure am! But to make this event even more entertaining there will be a Mystery Host for each party. Their names will be revealed at the end of the party.  Anyone can become a Mystery Host so long you show up, stick around and have fun.

If you badly want to be a Mystery Host just reply to this email and I’ll assign you to any one of the parties.
*For this I prefer you don’t comment on the blog because I will need your email address to contact you and you probably don’t want strangers spamming you.
So reply  to this email (or via  OR send me a message through my Facebook page (Click the icon under my head).

For more info about this party click the link below. (I tried to summarize the main points to not take up too much of your time). 

And one more thing.

I need your help to invite more people to this Book Party.
You can help me by forwarding this message to your friends or using the share buttons below to share this message on twitter, Facebook, Google +. It depends where you hang out most.

Remember, we’re doing this for Horizon and for Ivey. She’ll come say hi in the next newsletter or if you’re lucky, you just might win that mailed letter from her. 😉

So that’s what’s up. Please come and have a great time.

P.S. There’s a possibility we will have a special guest who’s interested in composing a soundtrack for Horizon based on your favorite scenes in the book (which will be one of the opening topics). So yeah, I really really need you to come and have a helluva time with me  and other fans!!

Tweet: Don’t miss the Horizon Online Book Party! It will be awesome!

Because this message is so long here are the main points you can refer to when you come back from time to time:

Horizon is available on Amazon and Smashwords. (Click to purchase).

Horizon Online Book Party! (Douglaswriter)

click to view your local time for the event.
click to visit my Facebook page. (Douglaswriter)
•Dates: 17th, 18th, 21st, 23rd, 25th & 28th.
Learn more about this event in detail.

>>Share this message on goodreads, Facebook, wherever you please. Come with a friend and have a great time!

Thanks for your time, hope you’re as hyped as I am. You can also voice your opinions about the Online Book Party by replying or commenting. It’s been great talking to you.
Have an exciting week,




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