Ever felt like you belonged somewhere else?

Hi, *|FNAME|*. It’s Ivey. The girl from Horizon, remember? My author isn’t here today so it’s just me and you. Great, isn’t it?

Well, I just wanted to thank you again for downloading my story and the Amazonia gift I gave out last Christmas. If you missed it, you can grab it here. (9.8mb). 
It’s great to no longer work for the Secret Circle. Amazonia was trouble enough. But it was worth finding myself. Yeah, that’s the thing that had always been bothering me. The question always drifted in my mind like a cloud moving in circles in the sky. 

You see, before I found out the truth, before Warren found me and my life took a tailspin, way back while I was growing up… I felt like I was growing lost. If that makes any sense.
It was Aadrika’s cat/mouse game. Moving here. Then leaving. Abandoning friends. I was without roots.
You know the song Jungles by Stepdad? The soundtrack  in Fifa 2013? Well, somewhere in the song they sing:

“We don’t belong to ourselves  at the mercy of the cats, we belong to places, to places.”

I can easily claim that I had myself. Through the madness in Amazonia. Through the gunshots, in the midst of fire and the blue smoke drifting away from the ashes of hybrid dinosaurs. But I never felt like that. I never really knew me. I fell in love with the action wholeheartedly, because I was so desperate to hold onto something.

I had lust for my identity.

I felt torn apart. Leaving pieces of my heart scattered all over Asia and Europe. And then being swept off my feet, mercilessly into a world roaming with dinosaurs, blood and bravery. And of course, the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes I had ever seen.

I was breathless. Stolen. Gone. It was like a fantasy. 

After my return from Amazonia, I had a psychiatrist help me… heal my wounds. Help me move on after so much. It took a while but I finally got back to normal. And I was able to hold a spoon at the table without seeing dragons out the window.

You didn’t expect all of that to vanish after the fight did you?

If you can read between the lines then I guess you already know that my story was all about discovering my identity. And I finally did. Right here:

Sparkle is barking beside me. He loves watching the sunset. The sun reminds me of one thing: identity. It’s all I want.
And at the horizon where the sun becomes the ocean and the sky drifts with a deep shade of pink, spilling into the clouds like cotton candy, I smile because I can see my face.

Horizon, epilogue. (Click on identity to get the book on Smashwords or on the banner that says “Available Now” to get it on Amazon.)

But the journey doesn’t have to end there. There’s an online book party for Horizon starting Friday  (today), 17th 10pm GMT. If you missed the message last time, then here’s what’s happening in brifef:

The Online party will be held for one hour on my author’s Facebook page Douglaswriter. Click the F icon under his bio to view it.

There will be prizes to win! Book talks and very possibly a special guest interested composing a soundtrack for my story. So come on and have some fun!!

For all the details including your  local time and date for the party,  click here.

Click here to quickly view the time and date of the party for your location.

Thanks for hanging with me. Was great talking to you. If you battle with identity in life just like me and Douglas then share in the comments or reply to this email.

Have a great day and please don’t miss the party session on Friday. It’s the most important one.

Love & Nuddles!

Ivey, xoxo


9 thoughts on “Ever felt like you belonged somewhere else?

  1. thank you Ivey, Trying to find your identity is always an interesting journey sometimes one that can last a lifetime!!
    My journey has lasted for most of my life but now I am settled in the person that I am now and loving myself….
    I hope that you have found who you need to be now!
    love and peace, yours ever Karen. xxxxxxxx

    • Thanks, Karen. I think Who Am I? is one of the biggest & most asked questions in the world. Great to hear about your journey. It’s a good pat on the back for Ivey to hear about other people’s lives. It’s good to not feel alone in any situation.
      P&L always.

      • Hi, Duggy, Sorry! I got stuck at the hospital until now and missed out on being A Mystery Host for the Horizon Party for the book launch.. feeling a bit sick from tests etc.. I will check out what is left of “Horizon”f party on Facebook after I’ve had a drink and something to eat.. I’m so sorry that I have let you down.. but sometimes things don’t go the way we planned and going to the hospital put a damper on the day!!
        I’ll check in later, thanks for understanding. peace and love, ever yours, Karen. xxxx

    • It’s okay Karen. I leaned a lot from my mistake too. The party was NOT a success and made me feel down all night but I’m happy I learned from this. I think I dived in too quickly and too recklessly. But I promise to get better at this every day.
      Oh, and sorry about the tests and. Hope u get better soon. 🙂


  2. Hi, Douglas R; or Duggy (if I can still call you that ?)
    Sorry to learn that your book party wasn’t a success.. I blame myself because I wasn’t there.
    What is you rfacebook link as my computer seems to have lost it?
    love peace and friendship, ever yours, Karen.

    • Hey. Sorry for the late reply. Of course you can call me Duggy. Someone used to call me the Douginator. 🙂
      I usually hide my Facebook link under other words like Douglaswriter or the Facebook icon in my email list, or the widget on my blog because… it’s a funny link that I haven’t been able to change. It’s: http://facebook.com/Famousmangoes
      (See why I hide it?) LOL
      And by the way, don’t blame yourself. My guest musician friend who I was talking to just minutes before the event slept through and didn’t show up. Some luck. 😀

      • Hi, Duggy, thank you for saying that your musician friend slept through your book party, now I don’t feel so bad!
        Yes I see why you hide your facebook page name.. but look at mine my friend couldn’t spell, but that’s okay we chat back and forth here alright, yes we do! Yes it was a learning experience for us all… it’ll be better next time! Anyway must dash have a good one, chat later.. love & peace, ever yours, Karen. xxx

      • Hi, Duggy and Ivey,
        I’ve just been looking at the photographs of amazonia again and all the other ones that you have sent they are really beautiful, I think that they are so beautiful.. maybe it is the greenery.. I miss the farm now that I’m in town!!
        thanks for the P & L needed that today.. visit to the dentist no problem…
        I am glad to have you as good company and I like the new photograph.
        Peace and love, ever yours, Karen
        P.S. Will try and think about a way to get news about your book out there!

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