I’m sorry about this.

Hello, *|FNAME|*. Last week I announced an online book party for Horizon and I realize that I made a mistake.

I was quick and probably recklessly. I gave you short notice and I guess I was trying to move things too fast.

I’m sorry about that.

So this is me, trying to be better. I even got a new snapshot on the side to prove it. đŸ˜‰

Okay, jokes aside, I feel bad about the whole thing. I had  to cancel the party and it’s postponed  until a better time. In case you’re wondering last Friday wasn’t a success.

I’m glad though, I got to learn a lot. I got a chance to rebirth, refocus and zero in on my true goals. And that includes entertaining you with great stories and communicating with you as I go on.

Oh! And listening to what YOU have to say too. (that’s my favorite part :-). )

By the way, I didn’t want to just pour out in your inbox so I also got together a post I wrote a year ago about The Real Reason We Cry For Bedtime Stories.

It’s not something you necessarily have to agree with 100%, but you can meet halfway. I wrote it to provoke an idea. To give you a reason to question something.

The thesis in Ivey’s story is identity and the post says a lot about that. Click below to read the post.

The Real Reason We Cry For Bedtime Stories.

And thanks for sticking around with Ivey and me.
Lots of love.



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