An amazing chance for you to get to know Ivey personally.

Hi, *|FNAME|*.

As I’m writing this to you I’m listening to a song that I think you should get too. It’s Burning Bridges by OneRepublic. The acoustic version. A beautiful song.

I guess there comes a point in life when we have to burn own bridges down and move on with our quest and do so without turning back, or risk turning into a pillar of salt, cursed by indecision.

That’s sorta where I am in my life. My own journey to paradise. I’m just another human dreaming big under the banner of heaven, living knowing that today is the best I have because tomorrow the world could be different. I’m still learning to put my security in my soul rather than in the world. It’s the magic inside us that opens the magic outside.

Anyway, I guess I’m in a quite personal mood today. I wanted to ask you something important about when and how many newsletters per week you want to receive from me.

I normally send 2 or 3 emails a week to you. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays.
What days to you prefer to receive my updates and do you enjoy getting them 2 or 3 times/week? Just reply to let me know or voice your opinions in the comments.

Okay, now down to the real business!
Ivey has another important message from you so listen up, here’s your girl:

Hi, *|FNAME|*! It’s great talking to you again. My author gets “emo” when listening to music. I love alternative music too and if you noticed in my story, I was wearing a Paramore T-shirt the day Sara Hilson and I exchanged plane tickets so I could escape my mom and go to India and so she could see her dad in Chicago. And I’m going to say this tongue-in-cheek-ishly: I think EVERY teenager should try that at least once in their lives. If you’re not a teen  you can still try. Just know when you get caught the laws are harsher on adults! (I know I was 18 at the time but I was lucky and desperate).
Anyway, Paramore is a band. My favorite. I don’t know what music you listen to (you can let me know by the way) but remember the time in my story when the other Zartans and I touched the Matrix and then we went into  space? It was quite an abstract scenery for me with the river of memories drifting below as I was suspended in space in a unified body (*extremely creepy*). It was the time when we stopped the meteorites from coming to earth using our paranormal abilities and that moment I had this old Paramore song playing in my head like a soundtrack for the moment.
The song was “Careful”. Maybe I remembered the song because I was trying to be careful not to make a blunder up there and be the reason for the extinction of mankind. (No one wants to live with that in their conscious. I bet not even Al Qaeda would dare do anything so terrible.)
Anyway, the reason I’m telling you about my little experience up in space as a Zartan is because my author, Duggy (it’s cool to call him that by the way 😉 ) is planning to start something called Scene Interviews!

Scene Interviews is YOU asking ME (Yes, me, Ivey) about any one of your favorite scenes in my book and in the next newsletter I’ll be explaining what it was like for me to do or experience it. You can ask stuff like what it’s like to fight hybrid dinosaurs or fly in a private jet for the first time. You can ask anything and I’ll create a short story about it so you can know how I personally felt about some stuff.

And if you don’t understand crap of what I’m saying because you unfortunately haven’t read the book yet then click on book banner in this email to get it on Amazon now or click here to get it on Smashwords, it’s free there.

All right, that’s it. I’ll leave you to my author now. Be good to him! I love him a lot. And I love you a lot too!


Hope you like the Scene Interviews idea. I would love this to work but I need YOU to help Ivey and I make it work. I don’t like doing things with you that you don’t like to be a part of so if you like the idea, go ahead and comment or reply with any of your favorite scenes you liked from the book and Ivey will make a short for you!
Much like an interview if you think of it.

And before I say goodbye, I also wanted to give you something I once made for a friend. It’s an audiopoem called Company of Stars and it relates with Ivey’s experience in space as she described above. Click here to listen to Company of Stars.

If you’re completely new to this idea of audiopoems that I really hope is my invention then click here to know more about them. I send these as gifts to people.
Who knows? You might get one from me too. 🙂

Thanks for hanging out with me and Ivey today. Was great talking to you!

P.S. If you think this email is also too long. Let me know.

Happy week!




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