Horizon car chase scene

My hands are stuck to the wheel. My palms are wet. My entire body feels like it’s perspiring uncontrollably. I have my eyes wide open, staring out the windshield and swiping a look around the streets. It almost feels like I’m not even driving anymore. I’m just zooming past the world, pounding the accelerator. My brain isn’t responding to my orders. Aadrika and Lisa Chang are barking at me but the screams of the sirens is all I can hear. The streets vanish under the blue and red police lights, flashing and draining me. It’s hypnotic, calling me to give in. Fear has it’s games.

Hey, *|FNAME|*! It’s Ivey. Gail and Alex asked me how it was to drive in the car-chase scene. Well, it was CRAZY! Wild. I was exploding with adrenalin. When Aadrika and Lisa told me that I would drive in the getaway I thought they were bluffin’. In Italy I had a couple of test drives with the Ferrari and Lee (their other co-spy who is just ridiculously funny and cheerful), who gave me most of the special training and tips told them I was good to go. I honestly wasn’t taking it seriously.

But I think no amount of preps would prepare me for that car chase. I was so scared out of my skin when the police starting pursuing us. There was a lot of noise. Inside the car and out. My brian decided to block out everything and focus on not crashing the car. But as I look back at it now and relive the moment in my head, I can still feel the blood pulsating through my veins and pounding in my fingertips. My heart was a beating drum. And being the action-craving girl I always am, I still love it!

I remember how overwhelming it felt to be motoring through the streets, how it felt to see other vehicles diverge as I was speeding. The colors of the world converged together with all the emotion, it was like accelerating through a tunnel of blurring pink, green, yellow and black. I don’t think I did much thinking either. With mom and her best friend/co-spy telling me to calm down and relax all the time. It’s hard to remember all the details when you were afraid.

Dropping off Lee wasn’t difficult. He’d showed me how to drift already. Not professional drifting just the you’re-a-beginner kind. When I had to drop off mom and Lisa that’s where the problem came. I had to get them off the right bridge but all the bridges looked the same. Even though we still cruised down the road a day earlier my brain had turned off. I was without the circuits and in the fritz because of being so nervous. I had big black police cruisers trying to smash into the nose of our Ferrari. I think if there is anything I hated about the experience then it was the time I almost crashed head-on with one of the cruisers.

Thankfully, the short mission was a success. The spies escaped and we finally retrieved the Matrix shard. There’s a bitter taste to the memory though. The same shard that we so badly needed was the same one that got my father killed. And even though I finally got my answers to my life-long questions and we saved the world, I still look back and wonder what it would be like to not have to get the shard back. If my dad was still around and everything was different. A short smile is on my face now. But then, I can’t change what’s happened. The future is waiting. I can only make room for the best of what’s left.

Thanks for the Scene Interview question, Gail and Alex. And *|FNAME|*, if you have any scene you’d like me to talk about, let me know! Reply or comment and I’ll answer you in the coming newsletters.

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Thanks! Till next time.


Ivey xx


7 thoughts on “Horizon car chase scene

  1. Burning Bridges acoustic version is nice and inciteful and I love both versions of the song.. in fact I love the album Native by One Republic, ummmmm me singing not very well..
    My dream is to write a full length book of a mixture of poetry and prose but it will most likely be for family and friends??
    One of my favorite scenes is when Ivey first goes in the containment pods to reach out and elevate their powers where she was sick after really sick. The car chase is another favorite and when her mum sold everything and then ‘disappeared’ down the street and bought all new expensive things for the house.. that was neat. She just ‘disappeared’ boy was that man’s face red!! Or when they finally triumphed…
    You spelt brain brian ha ha ha! just thought I would let you know that..
    I thought that I had done a review but can check? I’ll check on Amazon…

    • That’s awesome Karen. If you want to write that book go ahead and just do it. I’m here to help with anything I can do.
      And I also enjoyed making Gusto furious for Aadrika. It was fun writing Aadrika’s side of the story more than Ivey’s in the middle of the book. But when it got to.the action in the end, ivey’s story just got more addictive for me. 🙂
      I’m happy you enjoyed the story.
      And yes I did make another typo, I was getting this post out in a rush. It makes me feel a lot better when I find typos on other Web sites. Like, I’m not the only one lol.
      Thanks for commenting and sorry for the late reply. Had a long day of soul searching but all is well. Burning Bridges rocks!

      • Yes Aadrika’s pieces throughout the book added a little glimpse of what Ivey’s life was like with her mother..
        Gusto oh my was he red faced I laughed at that.. but was really scared with the bridges scene.. I’m a sufferer of vertigo and heights cause dizziness, disorientation etc very scary even to be looking out of the balcony window some days, therefore we do not go out there!!! Guess what we have snow after over two weeks of warm sunny weather, in Winter yet! I hope that your weather is just right but if not well we can hope for a change, not that I mind the snow and cooler weather.
        I’m reading a really interesting book by an East Texas author Called Interior Verse Plus Pose Prose Poems by JANNA HILL she has some of the most realistic writing of this kind her poem WAITING is absolutely fabulous it reminds me of life it starts off like this: For hopes that hung on a chicken bones
        For hearts that live in chains
        For pods of green that died unknown
        While waiting for the rain

        For dreams les bare on empty prayer
        For souls that wished in vain
        For tears unshared in mute despair
        While waiting for a change

        For you and I and all mankind
        For worlds where peace was slain
        For faith and mind no man can bind
        We wait and wait again

        I think this is so beautiful… Hope that you are having a better day today!
        Try some other Canadian bands like Arcade Fire and Imagine Dragons, duo twin sisters Tegan & Sarah and rockster Avril LaVigne.. then tell me what you like all of these have been around for years, quite a few years.. then there are lots of older Canadian artists…… but you probably know some!
        Peace & love, ever yours, Karen.

    • Hi tori. I hope that’s your name. I checked out your blog and think it looks really neat. Is there a desktop mode for your theme?

      I learned writing by simply reading and writing a lot. If you want to make money off your blog you should understand that you need to offer a service or product for money. What do you have in mind? An ebook? A service? Let me know. And good luck! Anything is possible.

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