Never sell yourself short!

A friend of mine once told me a lesson I fight everyday to remember. She had read my story, Horizon, and she told me one thing, “Duggy, never sell yourself short!” She told me how great I was. Each day I try to give myself what I deserve and to not throw away the person I really am. 
Many times I will look at this picture of myself, 3 years old, and stare deep into my own eyes. And I will think about all the things that I went through after that day as I was growing up. 
And I tell myself, “I’m sorry, Duggy. I’m sorry about your mom and dad separating and I’m sorry that Interpol says you are kidnapped and I’m sorry you missed growing up under your mother’s wing when she could have been there. I am sorry for all the days you are going to cry and for all the things that didn’t deserve to happen to you. Including the days you had to run away from home and dropped school for weeks because you had a dream to change your life.”
And every time I say that to myself I always make a promise to make it up to that boy in the old photograph. I say, “I’ll make it up to you. You’ll see! You’ll be an amazing author one day and you’ll live exactly the way you want and nobody will keep you away from your mother anymore. And no one will dare misjudge her and talk negatively about her. Your life will be all that you dreamed it to be. And most of all, you’ll be happy!”

This is me, painting shapes on paper. I remember I loved to paint a lot. I loved colors. I loved to make art. And I never knew I’d write stories too. So I tell myself again, “You’re going to love to write. Your imagination will erase your pain and take you to worlds of a million shapes. Your stories will heal you. So write them. Because you’re also going to learn to write the best books ever! There’s nothing you won’t be able to do. You’ll be great, I know. I’ve seen it happen. Just remember not to give up on the 3rd page of your second attempt to write a story. Because after you cross that page, everything in life will start to get better.” 
Today, I finally got my story on Amazon. I’m 19 and I’ve felt all sorts of emotional thunderstorms. I’ve had loss, love, faith and I’ve felt very powerful and also extremely small and insecure. And I recall the words a friend once told me, “Duggy, never sell yourself short!” 
And I look back at the photo and promise myself, “I will not sell you short anymore.” That’s the greatest sin to my soul. From now on it’s time I gave myself what I really deserved. 
I’m done with having less than what this boy truly deserves. I’m done settling for a life I don’t want to live. I’m going to give that boy the best life ever. Every single day I’m going to dedicate myself to this. To loving myself better. The real me. Not a fake me anymore. 

Here’s a picture the night of that day I painted with a friend, 16 years ago. I went to sleep happy and sound. Because I made great art and someone put down the words “The Big Day” on my painting.  
 And I know that Big Day is coming. It is more near than it has ever been. Every day I believe in my heart that my story, Horizon, will change my life. That is what I truly say and want. This faith puts a smile on my face every time. 
I’ve put my heart on the line and my soul is out there. This is my Big Day!
I republished Horizon so the link to the eBook is different. You can now get it here:

And please NEVER sell yourself short, your Big Days await YOU. I believe there is something out there that you deserve too. Peace and love. 

20 thoughts on “Never sell yourself short!

  1. Duggy – Is this true? –> And I tell myself, “I’m sorry, Duggy. I’m sorry about your mom and dad separating and I’m sorry that Interpol says you are kidnapped and I’m sorry you missed growing up under your mother’s wing when she could have been there.

  2. Oh, Duggy. I am so sorry to hear about the life you have lived. Thank you so much for inviting me into your life by sharing your story with me. I feel I know you so much better now. The pictures of yourself you have shared are PRECIOUS! You must ALWAYS believe those words spoken to you – “Never sell yourself short!”

    My life has not been perfect either – for a different reason than yours – but life has given us all challenges that we are to conquer. Perseverance is what the game is all about. You already are a success because of what you have written and published. But you must not pin all your hopes on your first book. You are a very talented young man and you must continue to fill the world with your art. Since your heart appears to be in your writing; you must continue writing and getting your books out there for the world to see.

    I do hope you belong to a chapter of like-minded writers. If you don’t, you should find one. The knowledge you will gain from them will be priceless! AFA your hopes HORIZON will do it all for you, it might, but I have been told by my own writer’s organization, that it takes about or at least 7 published books before you will begin to see a major difference. Keep writing those amazing stories that live with you, and you will be there!

    Take Care of Yourself,

    • Thanks Janette. That’s priceless to me. We all have different paths in life. Thanks for sharing what you nm know. Perseverance sounds right. Luckily I have enough drive not to give up and I will keep on writing. Lots of love and thank you a lot! Good luck on your writing too and give your mother a big hug for me. 🙂

      • Thank you Duggy. 🙂 I’m so happy to hear about your “drive” and belief in Perseverance. I’ve been told I need to write a blog on it because I wrote for 24 years before I was ever contracted. You’ve got the right attitude. Go Forward and Conquer; you’ve already conquered a lot in your life. If you ever need to “vent” or have any questions, I have an open ear and am always willing to share what I know.

      • Hahaha thanks. I can vent a lot at times but I’m mostly quiet. I vent more to the stars at night 🙂
        And im so touched by your generosity. I’m also happy you finally got contracted!! 24 years. You’re definitely one of those die-hard writers. You deserve it! I’m sure if you wrote a piece on drive and perseverance you will inspire and motivate a lot of people with your story. 🙂

      • “Hahaha thanks. I can vent a lot at times but I’m mostly quiet. I vent more to the stars at night 🙂
        And im so touched by your generosity. I’m also happy you finally got contracted!! 24 years. You’re definitely one of those die-hard writers. You deserve it! I’m sure if you wrote a piece on drive and perseverance you will inspire and motivate a lot of people with your story. 🙂 ”

        Just the same, I you feel the need… 🙂

        You are very welcome. I am glad to be of some assistance. You think YOU’RE happy I finally got contracted! LOL! I wouldn’t so much say that I’m “die-hard”; I knew it was in God’s plan all along, I just had to wait on His timing. And now I’ve got a trilogy out with many more stories to follow!! YAY!

        Thank you for your confidence in the article I’m going to write. 🙂 I just haven’t found the time yet. “/ Now that I’ve got deadlines and my momma to be a care-giver too…

  3. I agree. Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. But it also helped to shape you into the person you are today. Someone who is loved, cherished and has a love of expression through writing. So keep sharing your gift with the world. There is only one you!! That’s pretty special.

    • Thank you Rhonda. I’m grateful full are I’ve been through till now in my life. It really has helped me come meet my true self. In fact, I don’t think I’d be here at all if there wasn’t any trouble in my life. We all get by. Happiness is a choice. Things do get better when we believe.

      • AMEN, Duggy! I have said those same things to myself for years. We are all where we are today because of our choices made in this life. And every morning when we wake, we are given the opportunity to choose how we will look at life that day. It appears you and I both choose gratefulness for the life we have been given. Happiness comes naturally as a by-product of that choice. 🙂 You have grown strong by your life circumstances, as I am sure it was intended. You will go far with your creativity if you continue to look forward and not back. Keep the faith and belief in God, yourself, and your abilities. 🙂

        Bless You!

      • Thanks Janette. For your support and encouragement. I appreciate it so much. We really do become the masters of our fate eventually. And I’m happy I realized the gift of gratitude in life. I read a powerful post about happiness being a choice. I’m sure you’ll resonate with it. Here it is.

      • Thank you for sharing this article, Duggy. :)) You were right; I can relate. The circumstances were still different than mine, though. Mine (in case you ask)? I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1979. It’s been a long road back, which I never could have done with God in and his wonderful universe in my life.


      • Thank you, Duggy. 🙂 Maybe I am a “die hard.” I’ve often wondered throughout my life (before and after my injury) if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that God made me a survivor. LOL! Right about now, I’d say it’s a good thing. 🙂 You’re a survivor, too!

      • I think it’s a good thing you survived. Or else we wouldn’t be having this conversation that I value so much. It’s great to know you better too. I’m happy I’ve gotten past a lot of tough times as I was growing up and I’ve learned to become focused and much more determined. The past few months are proof that I’ve been on fire, aiming for my goals and in to excuses. I love the fact that when you say you can do something, you are often right. It’s a great way to live life. Almost like a game, you know. 🙂

      • The Game of Life. How cool we are both winning! Whether or not we have gained succe$$ in the world’s eyes, we are both successful! Guess what?? My momma stood yesterday for the first time since her stroke in Feb, 2013!! God is Good! :))


      • That’s terrific! God is truly awesome. And so is your mom! I guess the die hard spirit runs in the family 😉 Please send her my blessings and much love to your family and yourself. Indeed, we are both successful in our hearts. And when the world finally comes around to realize it, we’ll be like, “Oh, now you know?” 😀

      • We are also successful and perfect in God’s eyes. That is why He is so good to us. :)) I gave momma that hug you sent to her in a previous email. She smiled in appreciation for my friend who sent it to her. I will be at an annual chapter Writer’s Retreat this weekend. I’m looking forward to it! We hold it at the “Haunted Manresa Castle.” LOL! Fun, Fun, Fun!


      • Wow. Sounds fun. Hope you have a great time! And your mama smiling sounds really sweet. 🙂
        Wish I couldve replied earlier but I had a medical check today. A day long trip down town. – Ok, it was half a day with my aunts and it was fun too. It’s finally Friday. Thank God! I got lots of stuff to set my mind to work on and I’m feeling excited about it all. It’s really fun to map something out, like a goal and accomplish it with all your fight inside of you. Living at full attack! Like u said, success is in everybody. 🙂

      • Hi Duggy!

        Like you, I’m sorry this reply has taken so long. My Retreat was a blast (as usual) and I came home with a new blurb! But then – I hosed my computer and my bf who is also my geek was out of town for work and I had to wait a week before he could come home and fix it! (He removed 5 virus’s from it!) I take it your medical went fine (since you say nothing negative about it). :)) Go you on your attack and accomplishment of your goals! Momma’s doing better every day. :))

        Take Care,


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