A giant squid, and a song, all thanks to you again! #Ivey

Hey there, Ivey speaking. πŸ™‚

Douglas has been working on some really interesting things the past couple of days. Now I’m not gonna tease you with suspense, I’d rather spill the beans, besides, you may have heard about this before anyway.

Remember that musician friend Duggy mentioned once? Well, he’s working on a little song for Horizon!

Isn’t that great? A song for a story? I’m soooo excited! I’ve listened to it and it’s great, though the tune so far is quiet bittersweet. Probably fitting for the moment when the final battle in Amazonia was over, or the time when Aadrika and I had to move all the time and I ended up leaving a lot of friends.

I think if there’s any sad part of the story that you still remember then the song could relate you to it. I’ll update you on the progress. Duggy and his buddy are trying to bustΒ  this thing out during the weekend with a song cover art and all, and who knows… maybe a short video of the singer working his riffs? πŸ˜‰

I know it’s just a little little song but it’s a dream come true for me. A very special tribute I hold dear to my heart.

And you know what? Without you I don’t know who I’d be talking to right now! I don’t know who I’d have to share this my story with. So I owe you A LOT!

I want to say THANK YOU for your support. Thank you for opening this email. And all the ones before and after. Thank You for reading my story. Thank you for letting me ramble and hang out with you. Thank you for helping me choose the right book description and cover for Horizon. God, we make such a good team!!

I am so grateful and I don’t forget one good deed. I appreciate everything you’ve been to me. Keep rocking!

And one more very special request I have before I say goodbye… Douglas is putting up an ad for Horizon on squidoo and you know, ads work best with social proof so I’m asking you to comment what you loved about Horizon by replying to the email or commenting on the blog.
Your comment will be included on the ad page.

Now to avoid confusion, this is not an Amazon or Goodreads review type of thingy. (and by the way thank you for your ratings! You guys are the best!) I only require a few comments of yours to add to help market Horizon on other pages where a review is technically not possible.

So just comment what you love about the book or review if you prefer that language, and I’ll add it. If you’re not comfortable having your name mentioned I can use a pseudonym for you. (Just let me know in your reply).

All right that’s it for now. Take care, keep rocking and don’t forget to spare a minute for that little review.

Nuddles & Love

P.S. Miss talking to you, *|FNAME|*!

Ivey xoxo


5 thoughts on “A giant squid, and a song, all thanks to you again! #Ivey

  1. Loved the book. Would love to hear song about the book. You rock. I have told everyone about the book and they are reading it and loving it. Thanks

  2. Sorry to be getting this in before today you know that I loved the energy and richness of Horizon, thank you Ivey for your great adventure in Amazonia and all the great scenes with the dinosaurs. Especially felt all the agony and quick thinking for killing the giant man-eating dinosaur with your dagger in it’s eye then throwing the hand grenade down it’s throat .. whoops spoilers!
    Would love to hear your song I am sure that it will be awesome and great… have people reading your book and they are loving it… You rock Ivey and Douglas r, I will rock with you guys anytime. Peace and loved. Thank you for a such a great book “Horizon”. !:)

    • Thanks so much Karen! Really appreciate you sharing Ivey’s story and everything. I just reviewed an early version of the song 2 minutes ago. It’s great!! Can’t wait to share it with you.
      All the peace and love back to you!

      • Thanks Duggy, I loved hearing from you whoops! I mean Iveythat was great and I’m glad to be apart of your’family’ if that is not too forward! Can hardly wait to hear the song and am glad tthat it is coming along nicely.. yes I bet that it is great. glad that you are doing great . Peace and love right back at you, you and your song-writer friend have a great night!

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