Would you like a Gift?

Hey there!

It’s Ivey, here to make some noise in your inbox today! Again, I know. 😉

I’ve got some great news that Douglas should’ve told you by now.

I’ll give you three clues:
•It’s about Horizon
•It’s about a gift
•It’s about a review

Okay, you can connect the dots and easily figure out that there’s a gift for reviewing Horizon. To be precise, a $10 Gift Card.


Here’s the catch. The giveaway is going on on Story Cartel where Horizon is being featured for twenty days (16 left). During this time, anyone can download the book from the page in exchange for their honest review and might win one of three Gift Cards.

If you want in on this contest, you can sign up for Story Cartel if you’re not already a member and then  download the book as well.

However, since you have probably already  read it, you can just write your review after downloading the book.
*Yes, you need to download the book to enroll in this contest. *

If you haven’t read Horizon yet then this is a great chance for you.

Click here to get Horizon on Story Cartel.

When you’re done, click here to write your review, then bite your nails and wait to see if you could be the lucky winner!

I hope you win, *|FNAME|*. Would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, that’s all I got for you this week. Stick around and have an awesome weekend. And one more thing, don’t forget to invite your friends on this giveaway.

Tweet: Hey, get this great book for free in exchange for your review. #Giveaway: 3 $10 Gift Cards!!

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*Storycartel is a site where authors give their books for free to readers in exchange for their reviews which helps them gain  leverage for their books  in the market. It’s a great site if you love to read free stuff. See more here: http://www.storycartel.com

Nuddles & Love

Ivey, xoxo


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