The Hunger Games Are Real

The moment Katniss and Peeta got on that train with Haymitch and Effie Trinket, I was utterly stolen.


It’s a feeling I also experienced when Harry, Ron and Hermione walked into Hogwarts for the first time.

And probably, the same when Ivey gets transported back in time to Amazonia? 😉

Just kidding. This isn’t about Horizon or Harry Potter. This is about The Hunger Games.

What about the epic sci-fi blockbuster? Besides selling over 50 million copies and releasing two amazing movies, especially the awesome Catching Fire film that still drives me crazy!?

I want to make a bold statement.

The Hunger Games Are Real!

Now some people will start thinking that I’m losing my bolts and my nuts are unscrewed.
They’re probably the people who like being logical and realistic.
I’ve often said the enemy of faith is not science, it’s logic.

Whoever is trying to be a realistic is doomed to be blind to the magic around them.

I know some might want to argue. I know this isn’t a post-war civilization where man has gone to the edge of his greed and has drawn a cruel line between the rich and the powerless. Where children from twelve districts are chosen as tributes to battle to death in an arena and the whole thing is broadcasted live in the Capitol.

That’s not happening. (and I hope it doesn’t)  So it’s not real.

But when I look at the impact this book has made and how many hearts are stringed to Katniss’s story. How many times we got excited and devastated by simply a book in our hands. 

Well… I suppose it wasn’t simply a book.

I’m sure at least two people in the world ever read the same book at the same time and probably experience the same feelings. Just as people will watch the same sport on TV. It’s amazing when you think about it!

I love to think of how many times I talked about this book with my friends and some pals on Goodreads and how we all got excited about Catching Fire even though we had the least idea who each of us were.

There was already common ground and we were stringed together by a story.

When something like that causes so much emotion to spread out and ripple across the universe, how can you say it’s not real?

A story that sells 800,000 copies in its first week isn’t real?

A story that brings home over $650 million from movie tickets isn’t real?

How can something that is pure fantasy, has no place in physical reality and is realistically just a couple hundred pages of black and white, create such an impact in the world? If it’s not real? 

So what is real to You?

If you were to have coffee with me and ask me that question I would tell you this: “Whatever emotion you have in your heart. That is what is real.”

Life isn’t about what is happening as much as it is about what you are feeling!

If you think about it you’ll find this to be true.

Your life experience is not based on what is happening now. It is based on what you are feeling now.

If you were a person who is constantly aware of their emotional health then you would go the extra mile and declare your life experience to be what you decide to feel.

And what you feel is based on what you think and believe.

That’s reality for you and for me and for everyone in the world.

The Hunger Games is NOT real because it hasn’t happened.

The Hunger Games IS real because you FEEL it.

Because your heart was racing every time Katniss picked the instinct to grab her bow and arrow.

Because your eyes popped when Primrose was chosen and Katniss volunteered to be tribute in her place.

Because you SMILED when Katniss famously entered the Capitol as the Girl on Fire.

Because you cried when Rue died and in my case, got all sentimental while watching Rue’s and Tresh’s faces floating on the screens in District Two when Katniss and Peeta visited (In the Catching Fire film).

Because you and I got mad and broken when President Snow called back the past Victors to the Games again (Man I hate that guy!).

Because after reading MockingJay you were sad at how much this poor girl fought for and where it took her.

Want more? I’m sure you have all the more reasons in the world because of all that you felt.

Because of all that kept your hands gripping the pages and flipping one after the other.

The Hunger Games is an incredibly creative book. And also a very real book.

It was my favorite series in 2013.

A friend of mine was always nagging me to read it. He told me Hunger Games but I kept mistaking it for Graveyard Games which I had already sampled and didn’t like.

I’m glad I cleared that confusion and read the books.

I was low spirited for three days after MockingJay. My friend was down for months!

If you haven’t finished the series, let me not discourage you, read on. I would love to tell you that it is just a story so you don’t have to feel sad in the end but that would be a lie. You will feel sad at the end because it’s more than just a tale. The Hunger Games are real.

How do you feel about The Hunger Games? What scenes made you feel? Care to share.

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2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Are Real

  1. I love your passion about this book Douglas! I have to admit I have not read the books but saw the first movie and was riveted. I think I will read them now that I’ve read your post. Love the brilliant connection to feelings. You are so right that life it about emotions. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Thank You Dianna. I love the idea that emotions are really what decide if our lives are happy or sad. Anyone can ride above their circumstances and believe what they want, feel what they want and have a good day regardless what’s happening. For me, books are a great way to explore different emotions.

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