Who wants to join the Secret Circle?

Hey, what’s up?

It’s Ivey again, back around to claim my Tuesday! It’s actually a lucky day, according to Hebrew culture.

No, I didn’t learn Hebrew too! Thank Goodness. Aadrika could have—oh no! Jeez.

Sorry, I’m so used to talking too much. I easily get carried away.

I got an important message for you today and it doesn’t involve my multilingual abnormalities.

Here’s what’s up, *|FNAME|*. The Secret Circle is officially open!



It’s a limited time thing though. My author’s list is growing and maybe… He won’t be able to offer everybody a pre-release copy of his next books.

And speaking of a next book… It’s a topic I hate to admit. Soon will come another story, another character to take my place and I will eventually be lost in your subconsciousness.

Buried for all eternity.

Please… Don’t forget me.

I’m sure whichever new character comes along, she won’t be hotter than me or funnier than me, or crazier than me or…

All right. All right. I’m jealous. I know I probably won’t last forever. Fudge! 😦

Anyway, I’ll save my sobs for another day more appropriate. As I was saying, my author Douglas needs a select circle of fans or friends (whichever you are) to help him with the pre-release stuff and free downloads and other crap like that.

(I’m in a bad mood. Let me say crap.)

If you’d like to join the Secret Circle (and there might not be many opportunities), reply to this email and let him know.

You wouldn’t want to miss all the free, juicy downloads you know! 😉

And before I say goodbye again, Douglas is trying to raise $250 to fund for a marketing thingy with BookBub.com.

If you appreciate Horizon and would love to give a helping hand to more of its success, you’re welcome to donate here:


Or share the link above with a friend who you introduced Horizon to. Or anybody else you know who’s rich and famous… Like your dad, or a preacher. LOL.

Just playing you. 😀

But seriously though, consider the preacher.

Okay… This is pretty much another short newsletter.

I want to say thanks so much for being part of Horizon all this way. And please don’t get bored of me saying thank you. If you are then you’re about to fall asleep in the next emails. 😉

There’s still lots more to come for my thrilling, sci-fi adventure. It’s still available on Story Cartel till March 15th. You can write a review and win a $10 gift card if you are as lucky as I am. 🙂

Gosh, I hope you miss me when I leave. Stick around and join the Secret Circle. I’m sure you’ll always find me in that world.

Noodles and much love to you,

Ivey, xoxo


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