Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Horizon Madness Season


It’s Fun Friday! A start to an amazing weekend!

And speaking of fun, I want to let you know of a very fun thing that’s coming around Next Friday, 28th March.


It’s Horizon Madness Season!

Okay, so what is this?

Horizon Madness is all about two things:

One: It’s my goal (and Ivey’s too) to get 25 reviews/ratings on Amazon for Horizon! (by the way, don’t you miss her?)

Two: Ivey and I are working on The Horizon: Inside Story Edition which is the fun part about Horizon Madness because it involves YOU too!


Okay, now let me tell you about the super-fun Horizon: Inside Story.


Imagine watching a Behind the Scenes show of one of your favorite movies, where the actors talk about the scenes they shot and their experiences. The thrill, the fun, the accidents… you know what I’m talking about.


Now take that same idea and insert story characters instead, talking about the different events in the book (Horizon), especially the crazy ones! Think about Aadrika and Tyrese. Think about Ivonne explaining what it was like meeting Ivey for the first time. Think about Joshua’s experience as a Zartan and Stallone’s account of leading the soldiers in the final battle in Amazonia against the bloodthirsty dinodaur-turned-dragons!


And think of YOU being in it too, giving accounts of what you thought of Ivey and different events of the book along with the other story characters!


I guess that pretty much erases the line between fictional people and real people. And it’s a great chance for you to get closer to the story and the characters!


Horizon: Inside Story will be an ebook and I also plan to imbed links to videos of readers and fans talking about the events in the book as well.




But here’s the catch:


If you love to be featured in Horizon: Inside Story and be forever fossilized in Amazonia, you’ll have to write a review for Horizon on amazon because that same review will also be used in the book.


And Ivey doesn’t need a long Goodreads type of review. Gosh! Some of them are freaking long essays! Ivey justs needs a short, crisp easy-to-do review like the ones on the iBookstore iBooks. All right, I confess, I’m a huge fan of Apple and I think iBooks kicks Kindle’s butt! 😀

Anyway, as I was saying, a quick review is just perfect with a rating. In fact, short is sometimes better. Let me leave that to you though, it’s your review anyway. And after you do write it, don’t forget to email the same review back to me as well and you’ll save your spot in Horizon: Inside Story.

You could also just tell me you submitted your review and I’ll copy it from the book page myself, easy-peasy.


Let me recap the details for you:

1. Click here to Write a review for Horizon on Amazon here

2. Email me at: douglasr_writer@yahoo.com to let me know you did a review.

3. Your spot will be secured in Horizon: Inside Story, I’ll reply to let you know. I reply to all emails. 🙂



Okay, that’s what’s up.

More about Horizon Madness next week!


And oh, author Jade Varden is having a Guest Interview next Tuesday! Be sure to open your emails and check it out! It’s gonna be real fun.

Have a great weekend!





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