What Happened at The Bookstore (A Story)


Miss you and love you so much! I apologize for the time I’ve had to stay so quiet. I was practically in the outer-net! More like an internet-fast, but quite beneficial.

I got time to think about my life, my art and my dreams a lot clearer. With the media and all these images and blog posts flashing around it can be hard to isolate the self-image you have for yourself, or the person you want to be.

There’s so much noise. Now, it’s good to look out the window and see the world but then there’s a time when you need to shut it down and close the curtains. So you can have time to think of a world and of dreams that only YOU know and have seen. Things that are not yet accepted into the reality of life by society, the visions that show you a glimpse of a light you have been chasing for so long.

A light you can actually touch. One that feels real and tells you your dreams are true, stay on your path, you’re getting there.

I’ve got some crazy ideas. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Ideas I wouldn’t have grown if I hadn’t taken the time off to listen to what my own mind and heart were telling me. (Don’t worry, you’ll get to see them happen).

Last Friday (16th May) I was at a bookstore with my friend, Chris and at the counter we met a really outgoing man. He was glad to see two teenagers buying novels at the store (they were Wool by Hugh Howey and Alliance by Mark Frost) and he even offered to pay half price!!

Awesome, right!?

The best part came when Chris told the man he wanted to be an author. I, on the other hand, smirked and decided to remain silent to listen to how this guy would respond. I knew I was an author, myself, but I played dumb and things got interesting. 😉

He said, if you want to be an author, Chris, there are 4 questions you need to ask yourself. (And he was speaking quite passionately, by the way. With lots of charisma).

“One: Who am I? (Identity). Two: What am I supposed to do? (Purpose). Three: Why am I on earth? (I think that means dreams). Four: Where am I going? (Destiny).”

The man later explained that one has to know oneself. Their nature. He said a well gives water. A mine gives minerals. If you are a mine it is pointless to produce water. It’s just not in the nature to do so.

You can’t be somebody else. Of course, there are qualities we love in other people who inspire us. But that is a sign that those same qualities are within us as well. That’s why we’re attracted to those qualities. But when it comes to dreams. That’s yours. Your path in life is your own. You have a choice to follow what everyone is doing or what you think you should do (which in many cases is the same because we carry similar ideas of how to go about life) or you can follow what you truly want to do.

Right now I am thinking about the core values that shape the person I want to be. To live means you ought to love and grow. Stretch and believe. And I thank God I had a couple weeks off to get my head straight on a couple of things.

When I look back there are things I did that now seem silly, there are other things that I feel great and proud of doing. What puts a smile on my face is in knowing that from the moment I made a decision to turn the boat around and follow my dreams, I haven’t stopped growing. And I’ve been through a lot of awesome, desperate and discouraging moments. But there’s nothing else I know better than to follow your bliss. To follow dreams.


P.S: I haven’t forgotten about the soundtrack for Horizon and boy, I have been through twist after twist to get this completed. I’ll let you know about that in another time and I’ll reveal the album art for you in future! So yeah, I know it’s really delayed, there have been obstacles and accidents—yes, accidents—but it’s real! I hope to wrap it up this month!

And just to tease you, I’ll soon be writing another action packed story that I hope to talk to you about during the Horizon Madness Season Event (yeah, that’s still one of the crazy plans). The new story will have destruction of a planet (Not Earth I don’t think I could do that), star-crossed love (literally), music, amnesia, comics, a whole new world and another whole new world and a plane crash… Yeah, it’s pretty intense and a huge shift from Horizon. A HUGE shift.

Ivey will still be around for a few though. We’re not kicking her out too early, I want it to end well. And I’m happy and so grateful you are here to share her story. Thanks a lot for reading and supporting and hanging out! Always appreciate it.

Love you and miss you.
And remember.
You are a well, give your water.
Make a dream come true.

#Douglas R


4 thoughts on “What Happened at The Bookstore (A Story)

  1. Hi, Duggy ,
    Missed you man, hope everything is going well now! Glad to hear that there are some nice people left in the world like the man in the bookstore 🙂 and the words he spoke in there are so very true! <3. It's really nice to hear from you and I believe that we all have to go through a different set of stages in life some good others not so, but all make us into the person we can become, let's hope that they were for the best 🙂 I the think that you are learning through a tough experience and that you are weathering the storm alright <3. It is so nice to hear about the new book, yes a totally different type of story, it sounds really fascinating 😉 another destructive book but I am sure that planet Earth will figure in the book somehow… glad we aren't getting destroyed :). You are a very kind and good hearted young man and I trust that you have not,lost the little child inside with your experiences, we all need to keep the child in us but sometimes it is really hard to do!! I know this from person experience but it is really important to do this, still have belief in the still quiet places where dreams lie, good ones and nightmares run away from those BRIGHT places!:) Peace and love and all the best, love to hear from you. I wish you a great evening or maybe night. Chat soon, ever yours 'sister', Karen
    I hope that your work on the soundtrack is coming along nicely and am sure it will be great, love Karen. ❤ ❤

    • Hey, Karen. Miss you lots too!!
      I’m glad, like you said there are still some good hearts out there. You’re also so right about not losing the child in us. I think that child is who we truly are. In the quiet places, the bright places where dreams lie and nightmares run. (you put those words together beautifully! 🙂 )
      I’m also excited with this next story and I’m sure most people would not believe the title for such a book but I figured it suits it best. You know, it’s like writing a book about conflict that is not about conflict.
      Work on soundtrack will resume shortly. We actually had it done and ready to go but then shit happened. But I know it will make for something better.
      Great talking to you again Karen.
      Much peace and love back to you!

      • Hello again, glad to hear from you thanks for the kind words yours are beautiful too!
        Don’t get discouraged I know that it is hard sometimes, believe me I have times like that myself, more lately…
        maybe because I was clumsy enough to fall over my feet and wheelchair, thus breaking ankle! 😦
        There are all sorts of conflict some good and others not.. just think like when you were young and wanted something you couldn’t.. so you had to weigh good and bad in your mind and hopefully come to the right solution ie: asking or say stealing good versus bad! 🙂 😦 If you know what I mean, so your book should appeal to a broader group of people.
        Sorry about the soundtrack and yes I am sure that it will be greater than before 🙂
        Peace and love, ever yours Karen.

      • I’m sorry about the accident. Hope your ankle is fine.
        I am mostly an optimistic person so I am glad for that. I’m taking things with the song calmly right now.
        Thanks so much for your support. Get well.

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