Young, Wild and Free… is this You?

I stumbled upon a great piece from that I know you will loooove to check out.

It’s Not So Young Adult

And it had me thinking… hmmm… how young are we at heart?


Do we arrive on earth with a limited time to be or act young? Maybe even childishly and foolishly?

How long can we throw caution to the wind before we hit the end of our teenage years where bigger responsibilities and expectations come to us?

I’ll be honest, I’m just 19 years old so I’m gonna call myself YA and read YA and probably keep acting YA for some more.

And though growing up can be scary, unwanted to some and for others exciting, I love how Taylor Swift goes out to sing:

Now, Darling don’t you ever grow up. Don’t you ever grow up.

There’s a beauty in being young and innocent. Foolish and crazy. In fact, my brother has a T-shirt I dig so much. It says Young, Wild and Free!

I also think there’s a beauty in looking back at the photos we took one year earlier, ten years back or even waaaay back when we still believed in monsters and had nightmares of creatures in Dr Seuss’s books coming out of trenches to bite your cheeks off!

Okay, I confess that was my nightmare.

In fact, my first.

What I’m really trying to say is, no mater how old or young we are, we can be old adults, young adults, not-so young adults, baby adults or whatever, but what really stands out is learning to be honest with ourselves and who we are throughout our lives.

We can be very mysterious to ourselves too.

We can go with the flow and lose who we are.

Or we can find that young adult in all of us. The one that’s always going to he constant.

No one could say it better than Aaliyah, Age ain’t Nothing but a Number!

I could ramble about this topic and fill an entire book but I won’t because I’m writing Play With My Hair right now (and it’s epic!) aaaaand

…I also want you to go check out Anna’s piece.

Just click here 😉

Trust me, it’s beautiful!

And, before I sign out, I just wanna say I’m  so happy El-Shammy was finally released from prison! I pray the rest of the journalists from Aljazeera and Canada and Australia will also be released from their false charges ASAP!

Alright, thanks for the hang!
Love you a lot and I can’t wait to share the soundtrack for Horizon with you!


P.S: I hope I’m not the only one who wishes Aaliyah was still here.


2 thoughts on “Young, Wild and Free… is this You?

  1. Hi, Douglas ‘Duggy’,
    I hope that this finds you well, I am doing a lot better and enjoying the comfort of an air-conditioner boy does it ever make a big difference to the heat in my apartment, I am a lot happier now! Anna’s piece was really beautiful and I feel that I am a young at heart person, even though great-grandchildren are on the way soon.. it does not matter what your age is as long as you enjoy it to feel happy without hurting anyone. That does not mean be irresponsible or malicious or injuring someone physically or emotionally because that is wrong morally… I miss Aaliyah as a young singer and actress lost way to soon!! 😦
    Glad that El-Shammy is released but it would have been better if all of them had been released!!
    How is ‘Play With My Hair’ doing.. yes it sounds epic and I cannot wait to hear more about it… how’s the soundtrack coming along? Peace and love, hope everything is coming together for you. Ever Yours, Karen.

    • Hey Karen!
      Great to hear you’re good. Anna’s piece is probably the most touching I’ve read this week.
      Play with My Hair is like having a hurricane in a living room and trying to make sure nothing falls off the shelves. The writing process is tricky in a crazy way. I’m really following my gut feelings with this one!
      The soundtrack is coming well. We’re going to record again and shape it up. Hope it happens ASAP. Working with other people is a challenge. Sometimes you can only hope things work out in the end and everyone does their part the best they can.
      Thanks for commenting.
      Much love!

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