What Winnie the Pooh and Paulo Coehlo taught me!


I came across this picture on Facebook this week. In my case it sounds more like:

You’ll get this soundtrack done if you forget about all the setbacks.

Right now my artist and I are done composing. The next step is getting into a studio for the final recording. We’re in this traffic jam, waiting on this studio guy to call us in.

Luckily, it’s not a matter of if he will, it’s when he will. We’re in the right direction so far and its just a matter of time before things pull through.

But for the meantime…


Today is the best time to be the best version of yourself. I’ve learned that reality is not a fixed experience, it’s a chance to make a choice and decide which way you’re going to go.

And because I’m making today and each and every day the best, (and you should too!) writing Play With My Hair is becoming a priority.

But there are a few challenges…


For example, I’ve got World Cup Fever! I barely miss a game. I’ll be like…

After this game I swear I’ll write!

And then the game goes to extra time and my butt is glued to the couch. So my writing hours have shifted to early morning. 

Anyway, I hope you have faith in this too. I really can’t wait to bring you the Horizon Soundtrack. It’ll be great!

In my own little head it looks something like…


I’m asking you to take this leap of faith with me as we wait in this traffic jam. Getting this far is already a story worth telling and I hope the end of this chapter will be all we dreamed of.

And I hope you’ll still be there, believing in this as much as I do.

Thanks for all your love and support. Means a lot to me.

And I’d like to leave you with this hilarious photo that you can share:


Have a great week!

-Much love-


6 thoughts on “What Winnie the Pooh and Paulo Coehlo taught me!

  1. Thanks Janette! It’s been a fun journey. And I’m excited and proud at how much we’ve done already. Can’t wait to tie the strings on this one. 🙂

  2. My good friend and artist just sent me a message. He says he’s got a chance to record tonight and a 50-50 chance to record tomorrow as well. I’m crossing fingers 😉

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