You’ll be Happy You Downloaded This!

I finished writing the first part of Play With My Hair: [LOVE].

Next up is LOSS, PAIN and DESIRE.

But before I move onto writing LOSS I celebrated my milestone with a little treat.


And because you are my audience and I value all the attention you give me, all the emails you open and the awesome support, I decided to make a treat for you too!

Awesome, right.? 😉

I composed a video for the prologue to Play With My Hair. It’s called Wild Purple.

Before I give you the download link you must be wondering what the heck Play With My Hair is all about??

Well you don’t need to wait anymore. Here’s the synopsis to Play With My Hair:


If the GIF above doesn’t play then click here to view the synopsis to Play With My Hair on Evernote. (And if you use Evernote too you can save it).

Now that you’ve seen the synopsis then you’re in an awesome position to enjoy the gift I have for you…


The Wild Purple video features what happens in the opening of the book. It’s pretty much a sneak peek and covers a lot. Most of the text in the video is based exactly on the novel.

Anyway, enough chit chat. Download your Wild Purple video…

Just Click here.

Hope you have a great time watching it. I can’t thank you enough for your support. The best I can do is keep sharing awesome stuff with you along the way.

If you like the GIF synopsis and the video feel free to share them with your loved ones and friends.

Here are links you can share easily:

Play With My Hair GIF synopsis (On Giphy).

Wild Purple Video for PWMH (On YouTube).

Well, have a great weekend!

I’ll talk more about the book next week.

And oh, if you got any questions or comments about anything including today’s gift just hit me up on email or in the comments on my blog. I reply to every message and love to hear from you. 🙂

Till next time,



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