4 Things You Don’t Know About My Next Book.

I’ve been reading through the 40 chapters of Love that make up the first part of Play With My Hair and I found myself shocked because it turned out to be way better than I thought at first.


What I love about the beginning of this story is that it sets the ball rolling and the momentum never slows down. And it’s just so easy to read through.

I also found four lovely quotes that I’d love to share with you from this part of the book.

I know it doesn’t tell exactly what’s happening (and it shouldn’t because that would just be a spoiler, right?) but I thought these  are really interesting and worth a share.

So here we go:

From Love 7:

And the beats that come bashing in steal me away into a world where only feelings exist. An avalanche of joy, a hurricane of desire and a river of truth streaming out of my eyes in tears. I’ve never heard music before but I don’t care. All I know now is that I’ll never stop.

This is how Myla feels the first time she listens to music.

We’ve all become so accustomed to music I wonder if we even remember the first time we listened to it?

I can’t. But at least I recall when music began to interest me. I was doing my homework on the table one day and Beyoncé’s hit song To the Left was playing on TV. And I guess from then on music and I have been super close.

From Love 13:

This could be more than just a dream
This could be more than you and me
Never thought that I’d believe
A love so good it’s crazy

I sway to the whistles in the song, the oh-oh-oh , the clapping beats, the drums that hammer like they want to tell me a story. Perhaps one of a very cool boy who fell in love with a girl who was not so cool. 

Star-crossed lovers
Do you hear the song on the radio?
There’s a map on the cover
How would we know
How we’d find each other?

Here’s Myla listening to the song More Than Just A Dream. It’s actually inspired by the song by Fitz And the Tantrums and goes under the same title.


From Love 10:

I know I am important. My life and all I do is very crucial. But isn’t there more to life, than following what I’m told to do? Isn’t there a place where I can stop focusing on being special and start to feel

Rhiannon is trying to remind Myla how important she is but she’s got her own battles to deal with that no one really knows about as much as she wishes they do.

And finally Love 40:

I don’t want to be perfect. All my life I’ve been chasing that horrible, ugly disease.

This is the last part of Love and I can’t tell you what happens here. That would just be too much to give away. 😉


But it’s really clear there’s a theme on perfectionism right there. Demanded by a situation in which Myla  cannot make any mistakes. At the same time it’s limiting her freedom in every way.

I’m writing LOSS now and it’s the heart of the action in the book. There’s also another action scene in the end but this one is seriously fighting for the spotlight because it’s crazy and it’s thrilling and I take the job of blowing your mind away very seriously. I’m putting a lot of thinking and meditation (and even dreaming) into this one. 🙂

I don’t just plan to make things blow up and crash. I want to make it aesthetic and flaunting with real motherfudging art. 🙂

However, one thing that will be consistent throughout this book is music.

I’ve gotta admit, music is a HUGE part of Play With My Hair. If you extract all the sci-fi, all the action and thrill and young adult romance you will have only one thing left: music.

It’s played a gigantic role in my life and how I see things. And I’m really glad to incorporate the world of music into my work.

Like the song says:


Play With My Hair feels way bigger than me. I think that’s the signal that this is the right story to be writing. I’ve had other ideas and attemps at creating another story after Horizon. All of which failed. I guess that led me to come across the right story that really resonates  with some intimate things I’ve gone through in my life.

I am going to  write a story for us that is larger than us. That’s the only way we can fit and get lost in its universe.

And thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. Love the attention you give all the time and I always appreciate it.

I’ve got more goodies for you to download and share next time so stay tuned. 😉

And by the way, what’s your favorite quote from LOVE, Play With My Hair? I’d love to know. You can also share any quotes you like as well.

Have a great time!



3 thoughts on “4 Things You Don’t Know About My Next Book.

  1. I like all your quotes, Duggy. You’ve chosen a great theme for this book. Music is a part of humanity and we all can relate to it. My favorite parts about music (other than singing it in my church choir) are all the life memories it brings back to me. Take Care! 🙂

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