How Should an Author/Readers Relationship Be? + A Video for You

I’m in the bus, on my way to meet my friend. It’s a 2 hour drive if there’s traffic. And there’s lots of it!

At least I can talk to you.

In fact, I wanted to talk to you about talking to you!

I am preparing a little book-well let’s just call it a PDF-about How an Authors + Readers relationship should be?


I believe it should be fun, engaging and even inspiring for both. It should be a way to connect, share more and keep in touch.

Especially today when  readers are the most crucial aspect of any author’s success.

There’s a discussion on this topic on goodreads.

You can go ahead and share what you think, just click here to join the discussion.


Your comments may also be added to this little book too!

You can also email your comments to me instead or comment on my blog, whichever meets your convenience.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this!

And before I go, here’s a note from Ivey, the protagonist from Horizon.


Hey, *|FNAME|*!

Nice to be talking to you again. It’s been a while, I know. My dumb author is working on a new book right now and he’s been talking to himself about this weird, ugly new character he calls Myla.

Do you think he could actually like her? As in like-like somebody?

Now now, I know what you are thinking. I’m not jealous! Me? Nah-uh! I could never be. I’m just saying.

Anyway, why bother talking about this Myla who IMHO has  monstrously overgrown hair when I got YOU! Besides, she doesn’t even have an actual book out yet but I do 😉

Kudos to her, thumbs up for me. 🙂

Okay okay, enough blah-blah. You know me. I get carried away all the time. I guess it’s because I get super-excited about talking to you every time we meet.

I wanted to share this video about Chapter 26 of Horizon, Fade. It’s about when we dropped into the jungle from the Beetle copters as the last battle began.

You can watch it right here, just click.

If you’ve already read Horizon way back then take it as a flashback.

Hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget to share your views on the topic How Should An Author + Readers relationship be?

Don’t mind any stingy comments, the Secret Circle takes care of people like that 😉

Okay my time is up and you probably need to get back to those dishes and soap operas.

We love talking to you! Thanks for your priceless love & attention.


Ivey, xoxo


2 thoughts on “How Should an Author/Readers Relationship Be? + A Video for You

  1. Nice hearing from you and Ivey,
    I enjoyed the video and wished that the book had never ended, therefore I look forward to another book with Ivey and the other Zartans adventures. It has been a interesting way to spend a few hours out of the hospital, stuck in there because of infections maybe I am getting a bit better.. Are you ending your soap operas and does Duggy watch them with you, I hope he keeps you company I think the relationship should be fun, friendly and very interesting like you sharing the video for Horizon., these chats are wonderful as it keeps the friendship going and we tell people about your books and upcoming events or works. We give you help in sticky patches by making suggestions and encouraging you lastly we buy and appreciate your words!

    • Thank you dearly, Karen.
      I love your opinion on the author + reader matter. You do help a lot as a reader.
      I love Ivey but these days I’m focusing on my new character. Ivey doesn’t seem to like her very much.
      And I don’t watch soap operas but I am following a really interesting series called Castle about a Thriller author who assists the police in crime investigations. It’s super cool!

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