The Revolutionship is coming + more stories

It’s Ivey! (From Horizon).

Gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Ever since Douglas asked people about what an author and reader relationship should be there have been loads of mixed views.

So he decided to shut up and write a book on it. A very important book, actually.

It’s titled…

*drum roll please*

The Author + Reader Revolutionship.

It’s about his perspective of what that relationship actually is, and how it needs more fun, more engagement with readers and more… more.

And you’ll definitely be seeing more of that in the coming days.

Not to mention it’s a beautiful handwritten book, complete with eye-popping illustrations.

Since this book is just so important and such a letter from the heart, typing it out would simply be too easy.

Too cold.

Too quick.

So he did the work, stayed up nights for hours and hours and even paused writing his next novel,  Play With My Hair to get this done on time.

It’s a book that’s meant to unite lovers of books under the same worldview.

And it goes live on 30th this month!

But that’s not the coolest thing…

Just when I thought this new character (Myla) was going to steal my spotlight because my author has been writing about her so much, he’s also started working on an audio narration for Asante’s story, based on Horizon!

How awesome is that!?

It’s called the Atlas series and it will be available on the same date!

That’s the Revolutionship + the Atlas series release, BOTH on 30th August 2014!

But hold your horses…

Here’s the catch.

You have to download the Revolutionship to get the Atlas series.


Because my sneaky author added an illustration in the book that contains a secret link.

If you can find the right image and give it a nice click, it will take you to your reward: The first story  off the Atlas series.

That’s how it goes down.

You’ll be notified when this all happens so get ready and let your friends know about the Revolutionship and the special reward too!

As I am writing this my author is still putting a couple of things together for you and by the way things are looking up, I could be covering for him in the coming days.

Hope you’re excited!

I am.

And it’s nice talking to you again!

And oh, if you’re new to Stories With Douglas R and have not read Horizon yet, don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy listening to the Atlas series. 

Plus, you’ll get a chance to read Horizon in an upcoming Horizon Madness Event, but more of that fun stuff later. I’m not supposed to tell you that stuff right now. Douglas will get mad at me for blurting out his plans.

Anyway, have a awesome day and don’t forget to mark 30th August on your calendar!

It will be great!


Ivey, xoxo


4 thoughts on “The Revolutionship is coming + more stories

  1. Hi, Duggy,& Ivey
    Yes it has been awhile but you have been busy saving the world and Douglas has been wring his next book.. whew 🙂
    Looking forward to AUGUST 30 about Revolutionship, sounds like a good thing to follow Horizon.. I will spread the word about it to family and friends, I am sure some will want to learn more about this and any news about “Play With My Hair” and the first story in the Atlas series as do I. How’s the song coming along? Email me I have news! 🙂

    • Thank you for your amazing support Karen. I’m really excited about the Revolutionship. Ivey will be saying more in the coming days.
      The atlas series is on the way too.
      And the song is up and down like rolling hills. There’s times we get so close just to be set back. But I’m going to work my butt off next week to pull something off. I plan to finish this phase by the 30th too.
      I hope your friends will be happy about the Atlas series, and don’t forget, the link is in the Revolutionship book so it’s kinda like following the trail of strawberries 😉
      Thanks again for your wonderful regards, wish you the best too!

  2. Hi, Ivey & Duggy,
    Sorry forgot to say have a good day, so have a really awesome day and take care thinking of you 🙂

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