6 more days…Atlas Series here we come!

It’s Ivey again. (From Horizon). I’m covering up for my author again while he’s busy putting this and that together for the 30th!

He’s currently at some girl’s birthday party…


Doesn’t look so busy, huh?


Don’t tell him I just blew his cover. Wouldn’t want him to get upset and then cut the space I use to talk to you. So let’s keep stuff like this between you and me.

Fine with that?



Now fist pump me ๐Ÿ™‚


Just don’t break your screen.

Because aside from you and I being best buddies, (or almost best buddies because you know Harina and Sara and I are the tightest BFFs and I can’t forget Ivonne for mentoring me back there in Amazonia. We still keep in touch by the way.)

Sorry, back to the point… where was I…?

Oh yeah!

So besides you and I being- Uhh!ย  I just said that.

Okay, here’s the thing. We’re 6 days away to the release of the Revolutionship and the Atlas Series!!



I just can’t wait for the Atlas Series!

It features Asante, my fellow Zartan, narrating his story. More like his version of how the Secret Circle found him and all that.

I’ve actually been on the phone with Asante, talking to him about the Atlas Series and he’s really excited about letting you know his side of the story.

It’s obviously very different from mine and really enjoyable.

But don’t forget, to get the Atlas Series’ first episode you have to download the Revolutionship book first.

And then you click on some image inside the book that will fly you in a private jet half way across the world to a sever in some part of America and voilร ! You just got your Atlas Series episode!

Again, I’m so excited about all this. As much as my author is excited about girls’s birthdays.

LOL! Please don’t let him I said that. Couldn’t help it. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes, I pick on my author. It’s fun.

And ooh, in case you missed last time’s message then just click here and you’ll learn all about the Revolutionship and the Atlas series.

I know this message is basically all about the Atlas series, I simply assumed you already know about the Revolutionship.

It’s something entirely different so click, click, click.

Okay, that’s all for the update.

Love talking to you. Douglas will swing around soon so stay tuned and get ready!

Amazing stuff is coming your way.


Ivey, xoxo


2 thoughts on “6 more days…Atlas Series here we come!

  1. Hi, Ivey,
    Sorry being so late getting back to you, it sounds like you seem to be having lots of fun with Asante and of course Duggy R who has been chasing the girls and eating cake, oh well he is a young handsome man whom I am sure the ladies like that are his age.. oh well let him ‘work’ really hard while we chat.. the upcoming the Revolutionshipis going to be fascinating and I will enjoy hearing Asante’s story of how he ended up within the Secret Circle grasp… I wonder if his story will be as exciting as yours was, you sure had some fun and I enjoyed Horizon tremendously because you had some really cool adventures like the car and the bridges and of course the Giant Tyranasaur, not sure if that is the right name but loved how you killed him..
    Well have to dash as it is now midnight and I need my beauty sleep he he he! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a really great day, love and peace, Karen.

    • Thanks Karen. Ivey and I are excited about the upcoming releases. The Revolutionship is planned to be bigger than anything I’ve done before.
      So happy you enjoyed Horizon. Love hearing how you love the book. Can’t wait to finish writing Play With My Hair. I think it could be even more enjoyable.
      Plus there’s the Atlas series which I’m carefully crafting out. Hope you enjoy that too.

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