The Revolutionship Book Trailer

Here’s a quick update on the Revolutionship book.

I just released the trailer and I’d love for you to see it.


Click here to watch it.

Plus don’t forget to leave your comments.

In case you missed the recent messages and don’t know what’s going on then I suggest you:

Click here to learn about the Author + Reader Revolutionship book.

Also click here to learn about the new, upcoming Atlas Series.


They will both be released on 30th August 2014 so we got 3 days to gooo!

You can also pre-order my Revolutionship book here for free. Just enter 0 “zero” in the price box.

So excited about this. I’ve actually been all over the place, working it out while Ivey was covering for me.

Hope you loved her. She’ll be back around for the launch.

As for now check out the book trailer here, get excited and have a great day.

Would also love to hear from you too as well. What you love about the trailer, the topic or the Atlas Series.

Let me know.

Peace 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Revolutionship Book Trailer

  1. I have trided preordering this on gun tree can not get it to work site text and human falt will there be over pleases I can get it from?
    Also am blind do not think talking softwh will be able to find hinden link in gradual any sugestions?

    • Hello Adam.
      Worry not, I’ll email the book to you.
      And about the hidden link… how about this. Listen to the words that may sound suspicious to you, stop on those pages and click around.
      It should be easy because it’s a short book in terms of words (basically one sentence per page) so you can hint on it.
      Let me know how it goes for you and by the way, you can always reply to me via email as well.
      And one more thing, the book will be in PDF, can your software read that for you?

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