Everything is going to change… at least almost everything :-)

I’m going to be rolling in some changes here, especially after the release of the Revolutionship.

I’ll most likely be posting less on my blog and keep my emails with you more private from the Web. Only special things will fly on the blog.

I’m looking into a new author website but then I’ve got lots of thinking for the concept I want to build that site on. And how it all matches up to the ideas In the Revolutionship book.

I am deleting my Facebook page because I’m doing nothing sensible with it. I’ll probably start a new one if there’s a real need for it. And a purpose on my part as well.

In line with that I’ve got big changes in my life as well.


Today I’m traveling to Canada. It’s been 14 years since I was there last time. I was about 5 and a half.

I’m excited about the move. But more excited about the things I plan to do.

I’m rolling in what I call a Horizon Madness Event to promote Horizon and my author brand-which is basically me.

When I make things come together (because I don’t expect them to for themselves, I gotta get out there) I’ll be able to tell you more about this great event.

This event will be more suitable to you if you’re a new subscriber and haven’t read Horizon yet.
However, it’ll be super fun for loyal fans like you to follow through.

Anyway, that later. I’ve been writing LOSS (2nd part of Play With My hair) and I’ve had to take frequent breaks to finish this and that project. So I haven’t been able to have a consistent writing habit this time.

I’m happy for one thing: the last chapters I wrote were amazing and so much fun, I have more than enough steam to get back to it when I settle down later this week.

That’s what’s happening for me. Any big changes in your life? Let me know. We can also talk about the small changes too. 😉

Just know I won’t be able to reply in time because I’ll be in transit. But I will reply ASAP.

Ayt, much love!



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