My whole life changed the moment I met Sara Hilson at the airport.
I escaped.
My own mother.
And it was never the same again.

I am a Zartan, one of five, a legendary chosen one. The world is ending and no one knows about it but the Secret Circle, a classified organ from NASA.

The answer to our apocalypse is buried 65 million years back, to the age of the dinosaurs.

This is my mission.

My face is full of blood and they just keep coming. The world depends on our sacrifice.

They keep coming.
And we keep running.

We are not stopping!

Welcome to Amazonia, my friend. It’s not Disney Land.

Horizon is already on Amazon. Click here to buy it now for $2.99 (Price changes according to location or store but the value does not exceed the 2.99 USD.)

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