Welcome to The Filmbook

The short films I make are based on worldview.
If you look closer you can see that worldviews rule the world. And much of our thinking and consequently our lives.

One problem is that many people believe in things that prevent them from becoming the people they desire to be.
For example, you want to be a writer but your family and friends smother your dream and tell you it’s hard to live on a writing career.
True and not true.

A dream is like a mountain. If you can see it there’s a way to climb it. Take the best route that will lead you to the summit. Nothing is impossible. So why give up?

Many futures and talents are crushed by negative worldviews. And it’s not just about dreams. Worldviews also affect the way we live on a daily basis.

In my own attempt to rise amidst the wrong beliefs I decided to make these short films. But not with the idea of fighting what is wrong but rather to awaken people to what is good.

Remember the quote:

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

You can view these recent films by clicking on the titles below. Happy watching! (if that sounds right 😉 )

When I was Your Man

Truth in Dreams

Say Yes Again

Where is Your Childhood?

Douglas R


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