The Revolutionship is coming

What should an author + Reader relationship be?


I raised this topic on goodreads and people had mixed feelings.

Among the over 100 comments received, most of the contributors were author’s, although I did notice the few readers who joined the discussion.

I decided to shut up and write a book about it based on the idea that this so called author + reader relationship could use a new look, with new ideas and more engagement and fun for the readers.

That’s the Revolutionship.

It goes online for FREE on 30th August 2014.

And you can share it with anyone.

Plus, there’s a hidden reward within the ebook, waiting for you to grab. It’s the first release off my Atlas series (an audio storytelling narrated by moi, based on the character Asante, from my book, Horizon.

You do not need to read Horizon to understand the Atlas series so worry not.

Links for the Revolutionship book will be provided on this page on the 30th so don’t forget to come back here!


2 thoughts on “The Revolutionship is coming

  1. Hi, Duggy,
    Just checked out the trailer for the Revolutionship it’s going to be awesome!:)
    You are growing up and yes your brother is cute but you are handsome young man.
    I am looking forward to the new book on August 30, until then I hope all is well with you and your family1
    Also the first book in The Atlas Series is something I am looking forward to reading bot stories.
    Have a great day Duggy, Ivey and your little brother and family.
    Ever yours, peace and love,
    Karen 🙂

    • Thank You, Karen!
      It’s great going back to Ivey’s world. This time from Asante’s perspective. And actually, his story won’t be read. It will be listened to. Hope you like the new experience.
      My best,

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