Moment of Dreams video, the Philippines and mobi formats for ebooks (finally!)

Hi there,

Hope you’re enjoying your week. I’ve got a lot of things for you today. And I wish I could’ve shared them with you earlier if it wasn’t for the scorpion bite that’s kept me ill. No worries, I’m recuperating and my swollen foot will be back to normal soon.

All right, here we go!

There aren’t 3 but 4 free ebooks for you for signing up as I’ve mentioned before. The 4th being a special gift to ignite your dreams again. Since the title is still not released you can call it the Dream Book.

Moment of Dreams is the first video I’ve prepared to compliment this ebook.
It’s poetic and involves ideas which may seem esoteric. In other words you have to really believe it first to understand it. It’s nothing spooky or cult-like but if you got a dream, if you’re passionate about something then you will best resonate with this.


Okay, that’s enough talk, click here to watch the 50 second video, Moment of Dreams.

This video is dedicated to Monica.
Thanks M.C! πŸ˜‰

The lyrics in this video are at the end of this message, you may have to read real carefully between the lines and think deeply to really grasp the depth of it. It’s not about fancy words so don’t skim it for granted, there’s something real to it.

Mobi format finally here!
I’m glad I finally pulled this off! Thank you for being patient with me. And special thanks to M.C for making this possible. You can now access Horizon, My Mom’s a Supermodel and Tunnels in mobi format for kindle.

Click here to get the ebooks in mobi format.

And if you’re a new subscriber and haven’t been able to download all the ebooks then don’t fret, the links are right below: Click toβ€”

Get all books in ePub for iBooks.
Get them all in PDF format.

Plus, I can email the books to you at your request. Just reply to this message stating what format you want them in.
If you want me to email the mobi formatted ebooks directly to your kindle then let me know.
*You will have to add my email to your list of approved senders. (I’ll send the instructions to you so don’t sweat it!)

And before I forget, Horizon is our featured novel. More chapters are coming soon so get ready!

Ivey is working real hard on bringing her amazing world to you. Like she said, expect a magazine-ish presentation of the world of Amazonia, the environment, and some info on how she’s doing down there.

If you’re a new subscriber it’s okay. You’ll catch up with the story. All you got to do is keep reading the freebie and you’ll be right on track in a day.
However, I also offer a shorter freebie with 3 instead of 5 chapters in case you wanna catch up super-duper quick.
You can get it here from Goodreads: Just click here. *ePub format.
Or click here for the PDF format.

*If you ask me though, it’s better to read the normal freebie I provide because when Ivey presents to you Amazonia, you’ll understand it way better.

All right, our Final Announcement and the most valued one I have is a heartfelt message for over 5 million children left hungry and homeless after typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.


You can give a hand by donating to UNICEF to help their efforts in delivering food and clean water for these children and their families.

Click here to help.

Or use this link:

Do help if you can. We’re one world and one people.

Okay, that’s it for now. Sorry for the freakishly long message and the myriad links. Had so much to share and hope I always will.

Have fun!



Moment of dreams.
The clock dies in the night,
The middle of time
Close your eyes
And you say, “It’s time to be me.”
Time to be beautiful
Time to believe in a dream
Time to be set on fire
Light up the faith inside
Become your world
Become all of the things you love
The whirlpool of this Universe,
Is spinning inside everything YOU are.


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